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Make all your meetings smart, simple and secure with board of directors software:

board of directors software is an easy and technologically advanced solution that solves inefficiencies, redundancies, and flaws in paper board meetings.

Benefits of "board of directors software" include real-time information dissemination, automated meeting preparation, digital documentation, and clearer communication channels.

Most organizations opt for a vendor-provided board management solution that can be easily implemented within the company's existing IT systems and already has the necessary security standards required.

board of directors software is an easy and technologically advanced solution that solves inefficiencies, redundancies, and flaws in paper board meetings.

Benefits of board of directors software:

  • Documents required for meetings are received digitally and instantly.
  • Business can reduce expenses such as travel, printing and accommodation costs.
  • The Board Meetings Software provides a means for Board members to attend Board meetings remotely without any disturbance.
  • Committee and board meetings are more structured, positive and engaging.
  • Using it as an online board management application allows for a more flexible approach to conducting and holding meetings for high-level operations in general.

Benefits of board of directors software for administrators and secretaries

The  benefits of board of directors software reduce the time and effort administrators and secretaries spend preparing for meetings, allocating resources to more value-added projects instead.

Benefits of board of directors software before the meeting

Schedule meetings and invite participants

Easily schedule and publish meetings. Invite participants and send invitations, reminders, and notifications to managers instantly.

Create agenda by drag and drop

Drag and drop files onto the selected agenda items. Easily add, remove, and rearrange documents and agenda items.

Instantly distribute meeting documents and last minute changes

Distribute meeting documents to managers and make last-minute adjustments with just a few clicks. Upload new versions of files while keeping the older versions.

Monitor delivery of updated meeting documents

Ensure that all meeting participants have received the latest copy of the document before the meeting.

Benefits of board of directors software  during the meeting 

Meeting minutes and notes

Take minutes of the meeting, as well as notes for documentation.

Track attendance automatically

Monitor the attendance of the invited participants at the beginning of the meeting for record keeping.

Update meeting documents in real time

Edit and update meeting documents while the meeting is in progress. Changes will be instantly updated on the executives' devices.

Managing participants during video conferencing

Interact with host controls and manage participants for clearer communication when using video conferencing.

Benefits of board of directors software  after the meeting 

Track the progress of work items

Keep track of work items and deadlines, and update the status of work items as they are completed.

Archive meetings and store confidential files

Archive past meetings and store documents in the document library. Manage levels of access to confidential files through permission-based settings.

Create and distribute meeting minutes

Download draft meeting minutes Notes, annotations, and actions created in the meeting. Edit the minutes and send them to the meeting participants.

Areas of use of board of directors software:

Discover ways you can use board of directors software in your meeting operations.

working sessions

  • Annotate charts and graphs with drawings and hand notes with real-time syncing.
  • Distribute annotated documents for optimal communication with our annotated PDF export.
  • Reduce delays by authorizing documents with electronic signatures.

Committee meetings

  • Monitor tasks for each committee member through board of directors software work item tracking.
  • The board of directors software security settings allow the user to control who can access the documents if any third party advisors are present.
  • Gather and cast votes on a particular agenda item using the preferred method of attendees.

Lectures, presentations and workshops

  • Save preparation time and let your audience watch your presentation on their devices.
  • Facilitate better collaboration and interaction with annotations that allow both applicants and participants to share in real time.
  • Keep the audience focused with presenter features like page locking and laser pointer.

board of directors software  in the meeting room

board of directors software provides many intuitive tools that benefit and assist every professional in their tasks and responsibilities

Board of Directors

board of directors software allows managers to receive meeting documents digitally, with features for remote collaboration

executive managers

As decisions become more important, the board of directors software provides the CEO with appropriate management tools that allow decisions to be made quickly.

Corporate Secretaries

Build meeting agendas quickly and efficiently Prepare for board meetings, by reducing time-consuming tasks with board of directors software.

IT employee

Maintain full system ownership and security. board of directors software that integrates seamlessly with the organization's existing IT systems.