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What are the best GTA 5 mods for PC in 2023? Here are the 10 most powerful transformations!

Although more than 7 years have passed since the launch of GTA 5, it has managed to maintain its luster and the number of active players on it, and they are constantly increasing. The game managed to change the concept of adventure games in GTA games, and took this concept to a better side. If you are wondering that you are still playing the game until this year, I would like to tell you that the game has been rated for you as one of the top 10 electronic games of all time.

What are the best GTA 5 mods for PC in 2023? Here are the 10 most powerful transformations!

You play in this game in the map of the fictional city of San Andreas in an open world. It has high-quality graphics and unique gameplay that you can't find in the older versions. You also play under a strong story that makes you relate to the events of the game more. If you were once lucky enough to play the GTA 5 version, you must have also heard about the modifications that are being made to it. These mods are different from the attempts that scammers make in the game to hack it, they really add cool elements to the game that make it even more powerful. For example, one mod was able to bring Superhero and Superman into the game.

What are GTA 5 mods?

Some famous players who are passionate about gta 5 have made those mods that we are talking about today. It not only affects the graphics of the game, but also adds a lot of features to the gameplay and elements. The game has been perfected by applying some modifications to it.

For example, with these mods, you can add super zombies, heroes, and more to the game. There are hundreds of mods available to download for GTA 5. You can download any of them, and you can even download whatever you like. In order to make it easier for you, we have recommended to you in the following lines the best of those modifications to choose from among them what you like.

How to install GTA 5 MODs?

You can easily download and install mods for this game. But you have to choose the right tools for that.

  • You must first download the zip file from here, and then decompress it.
  • Copy and paste the Script Hook.dll file into the game's main folder, which is where the GTA5.exe file is located.
  • Some modifications require downloading Lua from this link. You will get a zip file, and you have to decompress it after the download is complete.
  • Now copy the contents of the 'scripts' folder as well as the LUA.asi file into the main folder containing the GTA 5 game files.
Through the previous steps, you will be able to download and install any of the GTA 5 mods. In order to get any of the game mods, you have to follow the previous steps.

Top 10 GTA 5 Mods (PC)

Next, we will put for you a table with all the mods and direct download links so as not to waste your time if you only want to get the "GTA 5 mods" download link. But if you want to know more information about each of them, you will find that we have arranged them below.

GTA REALISM mod download
Iron man armor mod download
zombie apocalypse mod download
Thanos Mod (Infinity War) Download
R☆hancer Photorealism Car Mod Download
mod tsunami download
GTA 5 Redux mod download
Mod Magneto (from the movie X-Men) download
Realistic Blood mod download         
policemen mod download     

These mods enhance the realism of the game's gameplay. It also offers you a rich and full-fledged gaming experience. Therefore, you should review the following lines to learn everything new related to this interesting game.


GTA REALISM mod We are now talking about one of the best mods that you can add to the game. As is evident from the name of the mod, it adds more realism to the game. Although it adds minor effects to the game, it has a great impact on the game. The mod adds more improvements to the game's visuals, a few restrictions on carrying weapons, improves the shooting performance of weapons, gives more intelligence to the cops, and many other things.

Download link:  Download

2. Iron Man suit mod

Iron Man armor mod in GTA 5 If you are a fan of the character of Tony Stark in the movie Iron Man, then you will surely be a fan of this GTA 5 mod. With it, you can wear the well-known Iron Man suit, and roam with it in the city squares of San Andreas. Not only does it allow you to wear a suit, you can also use the weapons in the Iron Man movies. It is the best mod for Marvel movie fans.

Download link:  Download

3. zombie mod

The zombie mod in GTA 5 is one of the best mods that you can play in GTA 5 on the computer. This mod turns all humans in the game into zombies that are trying to survive. All the citizens of Los Santos city are transformed into groups of zombies, zombies, thirsty for blood and murder. And when this mod is activated, you must obtain a lot of necessary belongings, and regulate the quantities of water and food you have. In addition to the importance of searching for a hideout, with recruiting from the living you can, and of course fighting zombies all the time. You can download it from the link below.

Mod download link:  Download

4. Thanos character mod

Thanos mod Even if you hate the famous purple character in the Marvel universe, you must try this mod. When you activate this mod, the character you are fighting with turns into the well-known Thanos character. Not only does this mod change the character, but it can also bring in a lot of superpowers. Through this character, you can create travel portals, release energy rays, transform objects into stones or animals, and other things that you must discover after downloading the mod from the following link.

Download link:  Download
You will need to use the  AddonPeds script
You will also need the  JulioNIB script

5. Mod R☆hancer Photorealism

R☆hancer Photorealism mod If you want a mod that improves the texture of the game as a whole, download the R☆hancer Photorealism mod. It is the material that is able to add a realistic glimpse to the graphics of the game. It gives the game more liveliness and highlights its realistic details. Hence, your experience in the game is enhanced, and you taste its fun with a different taste, which is available for download via the following button.

Download link:  Download

6. Tsunami Mode

The Atlantic and Tsunami mod is one of the unique mods available in GTA 5. It takes you to another world, where you explore yourself what is beneath the surface. Where you dive into the depths of the sea in the city of Los Santos. And you can use this mode to completely remove the water from the city of Los Santos, and you can download it from the link below.

Download link:  Download

7. GTA 5 Redux Mod

The GTA 5 Redux mod is very similar to the GTA Realism mod that was mentioned in the previous lines. It does not introduce the game any new elements, but it improves important elements of the graphics, such as adding shadows, adding changes to the weather and other things that greatly affect the texture of the game. The interesting thing about this mod is that it offers a wide range of modification options for the game. You can modify everything in the game using this mod, which is available for download from the following link.

Download link:  Download

8. Magneto (X-Men) Character Mode

Magneto mod You will surely love this mod if you are a fan of the X Men series. Where the character you play in the game is transformed into a Magneto character. Thus, it gives you all the superpowers of that character. For example, you can fly, judge metal tools, create bulletproof armor, and many other things you can do when you download the mod from the following link.

Download link:  Download

9. Real Blood Mode

GTA 5 has its own characteristics although it is an action game and a crime game like many other games. If you want more realism in this game, you can add this mod to it to add more realism when there is bloodshed when shooting police, rival gangs or ordinary citizens. What's also great about this mod is that it changes the reaction of the character you play when he is shot or hit with any powerful tool into more realistic expressions and reactions. You can download from the following link.

Download link:  Download

10. LSPD First Response Mod (Police Officer Mod)

LSPD First Response Mod (Police Officer Mod) Have you ever wondered what items can be found inside the Los Santos Local Police Headquarters? If you are interested in this matter, try this special mod. Where you are given the opportunity through this mod to be one of the police personnel. Accordingly, you will gain more opportunities. You gain the opportunity to take on various missions, use the police's weapons, as well as their vehicles. You can download the mod from the link below.

Download link:  Download

And in the end, we can say that we have brought you the 10 best GTA 5 mods in 2022 on PC. You can try them all out and then tell us which mod grabbed your attention and liked it more than its peers.