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The best site to watch the 2022 World Cup matches and the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The best live broadcast sites for the World Cup in Qatar 2022

Watch the 2022 World Cup matches live on the best websites and applications. With the highest standards of quality and accuracy, as the State of Qatar has ensured free direct transmission, which will allow all websites and applications to transmit football matches without standing in front of the copyright barrier. Therefore, in this article, we will show all the sites and applications that display the 2022 World Cup matches. 

The main site will be the official World Cup broadcaster site and its YouTube channel. Which will allow many to watch the games without rights and in high quality and without interruption. Let's find out about the best sites to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The best site to watch the 2022 World Cup matches and the Qatar 2022 World Cup
The best site to watch the 2022 World Cup matches and the Qatar 2022 World Cup

World Cup broadcast sites

The World Cup matches will be broadcast from the State of Qatar for the first time in history, and this will have great advantages. One of the most important advantages is that those responsible for the "World Cup in Qatar" have approved broadcasting the World Cup matches free of charge on the official website, their YouTube channel, and Qatari TV channels. This will allow everyone to watch the World Cup matches live, in high quality, and without copyright.

bein Sports is the official website for broadcasting the World Cup matches and the World Cup Final in Qatar. It is a site that supports many languages including Arabic and English. It contains multiple and varied angles, the most important of which is the direct viewing angle that allows you to watch the match directly without interruption. 

There is also a corner of the broadcast schedule for the matches and the corner of the short and summarized videos of the goals. And the site puts you in the heart of the action as it displays all the sports news. And you can follow the site and all the events through social networking sites and YouTube, through which you will watch all the matches of the 2022 World Cup. More than 7 million viewers from all over the world participate in it.

koraextra is an important website for broadcasting football matches. As it is one of the organized sites that facilitates access to the live broadcast of the matches. As the site displays the hour and minute match schedule, and as soon as the match begins, the live broadcast begins on the best powerful servers that hear the visitor to enjoy watching the match without interruption and in high quality.

The site contains many sections, including goals, news, clubs, tournaments, matches and other direct sections that facilitate the visitor's access to the site. On this site, the World Cup matches will be broadcast from the opening match until the final match of the 2022 World Cup. Do not hesitate to visit the site and learn more details about the World Cup and the events taking place there in the State of Qatar.

A great site to watch World Cup matches in HD quality and without interruption. And the site enables you to know the schedule of matches, their dates and the stadiums that will be held on them. It also shows you past matches and goal summaries. The site is easy to navigate and specializes in live broadcasting of the World Cup matches. You can communicate with them and interact through social networking sites. Do not hesitate to visit the site and get acquainted with it before you start watching the matches. The site is free of annoying ads and repulsive to the visitor.

The site is distinguished by displaying important events that are requested by viewers and followers from around the world. As the site will display all World Cup matches for free and in very high quality. The site, despite being a diverse site, has gained great popularity by showing matches directly in high quality and without interruption. The show will start on Al-Fajr website immediately after it is shown from the source. Do not hesitate to enter and watch the World Cup matches through the Al-Fajr website, even if your internet is weak.

A wonderful site with a beautiful and distinctive design and easy to access and navigate between its sections. It is a comprehensive and complete site for everything related to football in terms of broadcasting matches, sports news, ranking teams, broadcasting channels and other sections of interest to the football-lover visitor. On the front page, you will find the matches that will be shown today and when they will be shown. Once you click on the match you will watch, you will enter the live video and start the show. The site is worth visiting and knowing its sections and following the World Cup matches through it.

The world is eagerly waiting to start showing the World Cup matches. There are many who live in the diaspora and need to watch the matches with their children through the best international websites in English. So we will put the best of those sites in our article for the benefit.

Cricfree website

A foreign site to watch the 2022 World Cup in QatarThe site is large and includes sports in general and creates a large area for football. Through it, you can start watching and enjoying football matches without the need to subscribe and for free.

The site is characterized by ease of movement between its sections and display of matches in high quality and without interruption. The site has many sections of interest to all football fans and lovers. The site is comprehensive for sports and has a football corner. Through the site, you can learn about everything that is recorded in the green square hour by hour and minute by minute.

Personally, I advise to follow all the World Cup matches from the source, as it has been announced more than once that it will broadcast the matches free of charge on the official channels and their official website and in all languages ​​known globally. This is what we mentioned at the beginning of our article. We wish you an interesting viewing.

All Arab and foreign websites will dedicate a special corner to cover the 2022 World Cup. But the source of the correct information will be FIFA, so we will mention the closest sites to decision-making in the World Cup in Qatar.

Where FIFA dedicated a special corner to know all the details of the World Cup. This site displays news from the beginning of Qatar's victory in organizing the 2022 World Cup. The site includes many important angles other than news, including competitions, stadium details, ticket sales, and others. Which puts you in the center of the action.

It is considered the first site in the Arab world to broadcast and display sports and football news and has devoted all its energy to the preparations for this year's World Cup. It is the official website of the State of Qatar, which will be its voice to the world. It is a site of a high level of professionalism and sophistication. The site is accessible and designed to suit the visitor. Do not hesitate to make it the first site for you and your companion on your journey to watch the World Cup matches.

Al Jazeera channel and website are considered among the most important sources close to decision makers in the State of Qatar. Therefore, on their site you will find accurate and official news before any other site. Today, Al-Jazeera speaks more than one language, so you will find it the main source for all the world's population, and it is the source of information in channels and other sites.

A great site to learn all sports news, especially the World Cup, as the site is unique and has high authentication. It contains many angles, the most important news, video presentations, reports and other effective content for every football-lover visitor. Through the site, you can watch the matches directly and for free through the matches section. The site displays matches with high quality and accuracy without cutting and suitable for weak Internet.

The site displays the football news of the World Cup from reliable sources and the source of decision-makers. The site also displays videos of previous matches and goals. An important angle is the transfer market. You can follow the site through social networking sites, comment on the events and publish them.

What is the date of the Qatar World Cup 2022?

The 2022 World Cup kicks off in Qatar on Sunday 20th November, with the first match starting at 1:00 pm Doha time. It is a historic moment for an Arab country where the World Cup is being held. The stadium where the opening match will be held is Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor. It is a stadium with a capacity of 60,000 fans.

What are the teams that qualified for the World Cup?

  1. Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands
  2. Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales
  3. Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland
  4. Group D: France, Denmark, Tunisia, Australia
  5. Group E: Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica
  6. Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia
  7. Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon
  8. Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea
At the end of our article, we wish you a good and interesting watching of the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar. It is certain that Qatar has prepared many things that make this event on a global level worthy of Qatar and the Arab world. To redefine the Arab region from the football gate that still unites peoples and brings them closer to each other.