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Find out how much Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup

What is the cost of Qatar hosting the World Cup

What is the cost of Qatar hosting the World CupThe answer to this question is very easy and simple, but the number that Qatar spent in preparing for the World Cup matches may shock you. Everyone agreed that the amount is very large and for the first time a country has cost this amount to prepare the World Cup.

Let us know the amount that "Qatar" spent on preparations to host the "World Cup", and what made Qatar put all these huge sums of money compared to other countries that prepared before for the World Cup and did not reach a quarter of this fantastic amount?!

Find out how much Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

How much did Qatar spend to host the World Cup?

Qatar spent $220 billion. It is an imaginary amount for the great countries, as the comparison between them and other countries is not permissible because the comparison does not exist in the first place. If we make a comparison between Qatar and the last country that organized the World Cup, which is Russia, we will find a huge difference, as the cost of Russia for the 2018 World Cup was less than 12 billion US dollars.

Therefore, the important question is why Qatar cost such a large and exaggerated cost? Will Qatar emerge financially profitable from organizing the World Cup, or will it be satisfied with the moral gain?

Reasons for the excessive cost of Qatar in organizing and hosting the World Cup

Qatar will host a large audience estimated by the number of its people, and this is a big and complex responsibility, and it is not an easy thing. This number requires building hotels and providing transportation, logistical and technical equipment. And all this requires a lot of money, especially since the construction was done in a very record time.

Qatar does not have giant stadiums that can accommodate all these fans who will watch the matches closely. So it built stadiums from scratch at very high costs in order to get a big achievement in a big period.

Qatar needed an army of manpower to be professional and fast enough to be ready on time. Each of these requires a lot of expenses that vary between salaries, housing, food, clothing, and others.

The building works were not limited to providing hotels, streets and stadiums only, but there is a daily life that the visitor wants to practice during his visit to Qatar, including restaurants, cafes, gyms and many others, which made Qatar increase spending by organizing the World Cup.

And do not forget that Qatar is interested in showing its heritage and identity to the world through festivals, seminars and handicrafts. This is a great moral gain for the State of Qatar and also for the Arabs, which makes them increase their hospitality.

Did you know that if the amount was distributed to the citizens of Qatar, the per capita share would be 6 million dollars. A full report showed on Qatar's plan to recover the money spent. As Qatar expects to earn from the 2022 World Cup the amount and capacity of $6 billion, which is net after deducting what was spent in the World Cup.

Comparison of the countries that organized the World Cup

We will make a simple comparison between 8 countries that have previously hosted the World Cup in terms of how much it cost to organize the World CupThe countries are, in order:

  • The United States of America : Where America organized the World Cup in 1994 and it was the least expensive in comparison, which is 0.5 billion US dollars. But do not forget that the country is large and equipped to host the World Cup.
  • France : France organized the World Cup in 1998 after the United States of America. The cost was $2.3 billion. Also, the French state is considered a large and organized country and has the infrastructure to host the World Cup at that time without a high cost.
  • Japan : a developed, large and well-equipped country before the start of organizing the World Cup in 2002. Therefore, the cost of hosting the World Cup matches was $7 billion. The increase here was exaggerated, because Japan invested morally in presenting its heritage and introducing the world to modern Japan and its ancient history.
  • Germany: Germany, the financially and morally strong country, organized the World Cup in 2006, and the equipment amounted to about 3.4 billion dollars. Which is a normal amount at the time, but Germany made the whole world look at it with respect and appreciation for the distinguished services it provided in the World Cup.
  • South Africa : The country organized the World Cup in 2010, and it was one of the most beautiful World Cups, as it included many introductions and folk and heritage dances of South Africa. The financial cost of preparing and hosting the World Cup was 3.6 billion US dollars.
  • Brazil: a big country and its team is one of the strongest teams in the world and holds the title of the most winning team in the World Cup, winning the World Cup 5 times. Brazil organized the World Cup in 2014 and the cost was $15 billion, which is a high cost because Brazil needed to build giant stadiums and other details that the country was not ready for.
  • Russia: Russia presented an interesting and wonderful show that dazzled the world in the 2018 World Cup. The cost was 11.6 billion US dollars. It is a high cost for Russia, but it was necessary to prepare and receive the World Cup at that time.
  • Qatar: Qatar came to tear all these numbers and make them dwarfed by the fact that Qatar will organize the 2022 World Cup with an amount of 220 billion US dollars. This is a fictional amount for many countries, but this is normal for an oil-producing country and the number of its people is very few. Qatar is preparing and receiving the world to convey the culture of love and peace on behalf of Arabs and Muslims around the world.

In the end, Qatar will be the destination for all football lovers around the world, and it represents the Arabs and Arabism. Therefore, we wish Qatar and its people all the best and send them a great and proud greeting. We are eagerly awaiting the direct start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. We wish you a good watch filled with excitement and suspense.


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