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Users started searching for while watching a new TikTok video. The video explains how Google stores data about its users and makes some assumptions based on their interests. Keep reading and find out what Google knows about you. what is what is google optiscore what is chrome 31+ who is the ceo of google chrome what is adsettings google how to google correctly how to make google work

Being one of the biggest technology giants, has more than 4.39 billion internet users worldwide. It has collected 90% of the search engine market share. It also provided multiple services to users. Google retains information about you such as your age, gender, occupation, interests and all the places you have visited on the basis of analysis and knowledge of your interests. While using any product  you can now check what the tech giant Google has assumed about you.

When users use Google products, including Gmail, YouTube, or just the search engine, it captures information about the user. This information is then used to personalize ads to each individual user. Users have the authority to access and change the information.

Readers should also know that the data is secure and Google does not share this data with any other company. Here's how to access the data and change the default preferences set by Google.

What is authenticated

As a new video has gone viral on TikTok, people are searching instead for authenticated is where Google stores information about a user based on their preferences. Her search log. Users can access this information at any time and can even make changes to the data set by Google.

This setting allows users to customize the ads they see on different online platforms. If you are wondering why you see a particular product so often, you should check out this page. These ads are directly related to data held about you in Google's database and according to Google, this data is collected based on your search history.

How to use

In response to the viral TikTok videos, many users have come to know about this Google page. Some users have shared funny details that Google assumes about them. They commented on the original viral video about their experiences.
One user wrote, "I was offended that she estimated I was '55+' - I'm 17!" Another added, "Google said I'm single, middle-aged, alcoholic and a cat lady. I'm 16 and allergic to cats."

Google was absolutely right in my case. I was shocked to learn that she knew my age, marital status and many other preferences and the information was completely accurate. In reaction to the TikTok video, a well-known digital marketer on TikTok by the name of Trisha Kabob has also come forward to share her opinion.

She says, “So, I'm a digital marketer, and I don't think anyone realizes how penetrating Google is.” And if I ever thought, 'Huh, that's a weird ad for me to watch'

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Why should one use

To find out what Google assumed about you, you should visit a website. As long as you're signed in to any Google device, just search in the search tab. Now you will be able to see a page, where you will find information about you.

Now, you can turn off ad personalization for any option that you find irrelevant. All you have to do is click on the option that you find irrelevant. You will now find an option to turn it off. You can also turn off personalizing ads all together, so you'll need to check the option at the top of the webpage.

This was all about the Adssettings.Google.Con page, which very few of us know about. You can just access and change all the information to see more personalized ads.
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