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How to profit from Rumble 2022 from video without 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers for beginners in profit

How to make money on  Rumble  from videos without conditions?

Want to know how you can make money on Rumble without creating your own videos? You will learn the easiest way to monetize videos without making your own video and earn money.

Rumble.Com , based in Toronto, is a Canadian Internet video platform, like YouTube. Chris Pavlovsky, a technology entrepreneur, created it in 2013.

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Rumble 2023

Due to the instant growth and expansion these days, the Rumble video platform has caught people's interest.

In an interview, Chris mentioned that Rumble can allow individuals to earn 10x more money from Youtube . This is absolutely true. I did a research and found many videos on the Rumble  platform that are earning more than a few views.

In fact, I noticed a video on the front page of Rumble, which grossed $159 with only about 4,000 views. To earn the same amount of money on platforms like YouTube or Facebook, you need more views or you are very lucky.

Compared to YouTube monetization, Rumble Monetization is much better because it gives you more $$ for fewer views. The reason I believe is that Rumble has a unique video monetization system, more so than other platforms out there.

Creating an account with Rumble 2021 is very easy, but I'm here to guide you on how to make money without making your own videos.

And yes, this is possible on Rumble2021, which is the Freedom of Speech platform file, video is not censored as widely as YouTube.

In this post , I have explained the best step by step ways to make money from Rumble without making videos.

Explanation of the rumble site to make money for beginners away from the terms of YouTube

Rumble  is the  ideal solution for everyone who is looking for ways to monetize the Internet and everyone who suffers from difficult YouTube conditions in achieving 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers for everyone who has beautiful content. Here is the solution only on the Mohassan Tech website. 

You can shoot or create videos and then upload them to the  Rumble  site after you register and then start earning immediately without preconditions. Link to the site from  here .

For those who are not familiar with  Rumble  , there seems to be another tool for people to promote their movies besides uploading them on  Youtube  , waiting for enough followers, and gradually making money after that.

Rumble  is a new program that allows individuals to sell their movies on a more user-friendly and money-friendly basis than the Internet. According to Redditor u/mesem10, he uploaded a video to a platform and just received an email claiming that he will charge $125 for this video alone. So, let's discuss how to make money in  Rumble 2022  .

What is Rumble for making money from uploading videos exactly?

Rumble is a Canadian online video platform headquartered in Toronto and founded in 2013. The site was founded by Chris Pavlovsky, a tech entrepreneur from Canada. is a free speech video platform used by young creators and new creators to make money by rumble by monetizing videos.

Rumble seems to be a YouTube competitor and you can monetize without conditions comparable to Vimeo or YouTube, except that it promotes MTV, Xbox, Yahoo, MSN and many other companies. According to the links to the platform, users paid to submit their videos for use by Rumble2021 partners. User will get $50 if their video is accepted. The owner of the video will get more than $100 if the video is deemed excellent enough to get through to the front page. So Rumble 2021 is an intermediary between you and YouTube.

The difference between Rumble and YouTube

YouTube platform

  1. YouTube is very popular in terms of audience
  1. Difficult for new and young video creators
  1. Getting viral content is very difficult
  1. Earning is difficult 
  1. Requires 4000 hours watch time to monetize channels
  1. Earnings per video (on average) is very low
  1. Censorship is very strict and other creators take advantage of other young and new creators by enforcing fake copyrights.

Rumble . platform 

  1. Low platform in terms of audience
  1. Best platform for new and young video creators
  1. It is very easy to get viral content 
  1. Money monetization is very easy.
  1. Income audit is immediate without prerequisites such as 4000 watch hours and 1000 followers
  1. Earning 10 times more than you earn on YouTube
  1. Oversight is not strict 

How to earn money from Rumble site?

I would like to discuss this part. Because I did research on Rumble and found some amazing facts and results that you need to see. From the result I got with my little research, I can say with confidence that new and young video makers can also make money on Rumble.

If you haven't planned to join Rumble. After reading and getting to know - how much money can you earn from Rumble?

Every video hosting website, including Rumble , has its own revenue regulations. On the other hand, Rumble lets people choose how much they want to market their content. Here are some of the ways people can make money on Rumble :

Rumble 2021 earnings share

Customers will waive all rights to Rumble in exchange for shares of 90% of the revenue generated by the clip on Youtube and another 60% of the revenue generated by other partners.

Exclusive videos

Users should consider giving up all existing Rumble rights for the chance to win up to $1,000.

Non-exclusive videos

Users retain full ownership of the video and earn up to $500 for it. It will provide Rumble with a non-exclusive license to use the video, enabling Rumble 2021 and its partners to use it, while the uploader retains ownership.

What types of videos can make money online from rumbleverse?

On the other hand, the rumbleverse keeps things simple. Rumble, like YouTube, doesn't even have strict regulations. Rumble claims that it only looks for those three notes and that the better these exact conditions are, the higher the chances of monetizing users' movies.

  • Videos with good titles plus descriptions
  • Original content with a great theme
  • High quality videos

How to use Rumble? 

To get started with rumble  , follow these three basic things.

Create a video or edit a video for someone else (unlicensed) is where you can upload your video.

Select your licensing choices.

Rumble licensing options and how to select them

You have four licensing options after uploading a video. So, while deciding which license is useful when uploading to video, let's take a brief look at it.

Video management:

You undertake to fully manage the copyright of the video by Rumble Inc. And you'll get 90% of the net ad revenue on, as well as 60% of the net ad revenue on other websites wherever the video appears.

Video management [except YouTube]:

You entrust Rumble Inc to manage the exclusive rights to your video, excluding YouTube. On all websites, wherever we place your video, YouTube will be eligible for 60% of our net ad revenue.

It is the third option, which indicates that you retain complete ownership and control. Rumble will be granted a non-exclusive license to the video player Rumble, and will receive 60% of any money generated through the video player's net ad revenue.

Use for personal purposes:

You retain full ownership and control. Rumble will not be involved in any marketing or monetization of your materials. 

The first two options bring the most money. However, you cannot use these just for every video. Depends on creating your own video content or using youtube videos or some other source.

How to monetize Rumble

Rumble strives to monetize videos faster than the well-known YouTube platform. A Reddit user recently revealed the new video site he's discovered. They chose to try the Rumble , according to u/mesem10. After posting a late-night video, a Reddit user claimed he got paid $125 for it.

Rumble can provide you with the tools you need to help users improve your video. They also help develop their video channel, similar to YouTube. According to Rumble , it adds value to your video. It's as easy as taking a video, uploading it and choosing a license option.

Profit sharing is an option, or you can sell it for cash up front. The current video platform may also determine the value and quality of the video within 24 hours due to accuracy in tagging or sharing.

Rumble promises to be 10 times faster than YouTube in terms of video monetization. The new platform will allow you to publish your content on many well-known websites. Among them are MSN, Xbox, MTV, Yahoo and many more.

Allowed Videos in Rumble?

All you have to do is select "Exclusive Video Management" in Rumble once post when the webpage asks you to provide the YouTube video URL.

You should also ensure that others have not invested in or licensed this. To monetize the clip, Rumble will get this from YT.

Once you get the right to claim the movie from YouTube, the new video site will start monetizing it. It is best to keep in mind that the person who posted the video to Rumble is also the owner of the Youtube page where the video originated.

If you are worried if your video title isn't good enough, don't panic; And the Rumble editors will take care of it. They are responsible for creating names that experts believe will increase views to make your material more attractive to the audience.

How to upload videos to Rumble

According to the Rumble Help page , anyone can upload any video. Select "Exclusive Video Management" in the Rumble before publishing. Next, the site will ask you for the URL of the YouTube video. It would also be helpful to ensure that this is not promoted or authorized by anyone else.

With Rumble , you can earn money differently. Rating videos will reward customers $0.25 per day. Individuals can create a maximum of 5 movies each day at a cost of $0.05 per video. As mentioned on the official Rumble website, people are free to find some other stuff.

Within twenty-four hours, Rumble's algorithms, which focus on uploading or tagging, will judge the quality or value of the movie. If everything seems okay, it will put you on the front page of as well as help you get your content on MSN, Yahoo, XBOX, MTV or other platforms.


What are the most effective ways to make money on Rumble? You can make money on Rumble by posting or monetizing your videos, using Rumble software like Rumble Cam, Rumble Lottery, Rumble video battles, and bringing people to Rumble.

Rumble is the place for you if you are just starting out and want to make money with your videos right away. We all know how hard it is to get into YouTube; While it is possible, it will take some time because you must have a certain number of users or watch hours.


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