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Magisk v23.0 update fixes SafetyNet API bug, Drops support prior to Android 5.0 and more

Magisk v23.0 update fixes SafetyNet API bug, Drops support prior to Android 5.0 and more

The updates of Magisk , the global unchallenged interface and popular rooting solution for Android, are nothing short of exciting. Magisk creator John Wu (topjohnwu) has released the Magisk v23 update . This latest version of Magisk fixes the dreaded SafetyNet API bug, makes bug fixes, and drops support for earlier Android 5.0 devices.

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Magisk Update v23.0

You can now download and install Magisk 23.0 to root your Android device. Users using the previous version can easily update to this new and latest version of Magisk by following the instructions on this page.

What's new in Magisk v23?

Magisk 23.0 was announced on May 12 by the developer on Twitter. To summarize, the previous version ( Magisk v22 ) made a big change integrating both the Magisk installer and the Magisk Manager app into one package. Moreover, it has also added support for Magisk App Hiding technology to work on devices running low Android versions like Android 5.0.

Unlike most previous major releases, version 23 does not bring many user-facing changes. But it does carry some major changes worth noting, as well as general bug fixes and internal improvements. So let's talk a little bit about these major changes first.

Fix for SafetyNet API Error

Back in April of this year, several Magisk users flooded the XDA-Developers community forums as well as the official GitHub issues section with reports (1, 2, 3, 4) of seeing a "SafetyNet API error" while performing a SafetyNet certification through an app Magic.

SafetyNet API Error in Magisk v22

The fact that reports haven't yet generated a new Magisk release indicates that something has changed regarding the API.

Developer John Wu initially assumed that the SafetyNet Attestation API was dead. But it soon discovered (as expected :D) that the blocking API key used by Magisk and not the SN Attestation API was dead. Phew! This was really a relief.

John was quick to get a new API key that worked and pushed the fix as an update to Magisk on the Canary channel. The same fix has also been integrated into this latest version of Magisk v23, which means that users on the stable channel will no longer encounter a SafetyNet API error.

No support for Android JellyBean and KitKat
For a long time, Magisk has supported older Android versions for enthusiasts who love to play with their old devices.

While the whole idea behind supporting older Android versions is great, it takes a lot of work to maintain backward compatibility considering how quickly Android itself advances every year.

Starting with version 23.0, Magisk now supports only Android 5.0 and later. While it might be a problem, that doesn't mean you can't use Magisk to root Android JellyBean or KitKat devices. You can still! Any version prior to this v23 will still work perfectly on older Android versions as now.

Changelog Magisk v23.0

Besides the two user-facing changes mentioned above, Magisk 23.0 brings several bug fixes. Below is a full changelog as provided by the developer on GitHub:
Download Magisk v23.0 from GitHub
To summarize, starting with version 22, Magisk and Magisk Manager have been combined into one package and it is also a recoverable file for install/uninstall.

TWRP v3.5 supports flashing the Magisk APK file just like any other ZIP file. If you are using an old or unofficial version of custom recovery, just download Magisk-v23.0.apk and then rename to flash.

GitHub is the only official homepage/website/source for Magisk. On several occasions, Magisk creator John Wu as well as XDA developers have advised users to download Magisk only from GitHub.

For documentation, below is the direct link to download Magisk v23.0 APK from GitHub.

Download Magisk v23.0

Application name: Magisk-v23.0.apk
File size 6.56MB
Download link here

How to install Magisk v23?

You can install the latest version of Magisk v23 on your Android device using one of the following methods:

Rename the Magisk APK to a ZIP file and then flash the ZIP using a custom recovery, such as TWRP Recovery.

Patch the boot/recovery image in Magisk Manager and then flash the resulting patched image on your phone using Fastboot commands.

The first method is generally more straightforward if you have a custom recovery installed on your device.

On the other hand, if a custom recovery like TWRP is not available for your device, or if you don't want to install a custom recovery at all, just follow the second method. The second method also makes it easier to install OTA updates on rooted devices using Magisk .

All you need is a stock boot/recovery image of the Android software version/version number that is currently installed on your device. You can extract these images from OEM Factory Image or OTA update package (instructions here), try downloading them from, or find your device rooting guide on this website.

It is highly recommended that you take a full backup of all your data before you start installing Magisk (See: Android Backup Guide). If any problems arise, this backup should help you restore all your data.

The following tutorial will help you to install Magisk v23 using the above methods. I suggest you review the instructions and familiarize yourself with the procedure before you start implementing it.

How to update Magisk to version 23?

If Magisk is already installed on your device, you do not need to reinstall it. You can easily update to Magisk v23 by following the steps mentioned below.
Run the Magisk app on your device.
Let the app update and fetch the latest update.

Tap the Update button on the Application card, then tap Install.

  1. Update Magisk to version 23
Tap "Install" again when prompted to install and update the Magisk app to the latest version.
Once the update is finished, restart the Magisk app.
Press the "Update" button on the "Magisk" card.

Update Magisk to version 23

Select "Direct Install" as the preferred installation method and hit "Let's get started".
Finally, tap on Restart.

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