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WordPress 2022 update (security update)

1.7 million WordPress sites required a security update due to a serious WordPress vulnerability

WordPress has been affected by identified vulnerabilities in some of its plugins, which can compromise the security of websites created by the platform. In January, a vulnerability was identified in the Essential Addons for Elementor plug-in, a feature used by more than a million websites. The problem was discovered by a PatchStack investigator , but it has since been fixed.

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Now it was the UpdraftPlus plugin , used to create and restore website backups. The problem that was found, which was already fixed by an emergency security update, allowed all users with an account on a website to download the entire database.

The bug was discovered by Jetpack 's security researcher Marc Montpas while reviewing the plugin. Speaking to Ars Technica , the investigator stated that the bug was very easy to exploit, with disastrous results if used. This allowed users with basic privileges to download backups from a website, including raw databases.

UpdraftPlus developers were alerted to the bug, and it was fixed the next day, forcing all websites using this plug-in to perform an emergency update. In all, 1.7 million sites have been updated, from about 3 million users.

In the Jetpack blog, it was explained that the vulnerability was due to incorrect implementation of the WordPress “ hearbeat ” feature , which ensures user privileges are checked. In this case, you did not check whether the access was made by the site administrators. A hacker can easily access information from website backups through the vulnerability.

To confirm that you have the secure version of the UpdraftPlus plugin , WordPress -based website administrators must verify that it is updated to version 1.22.

Forced UpdraftPlus WordPress Plugin Update on Millions of Websites

In an unprecedented and dangerous move, WordPress forced an update of the UpdraftPlus plugin on millions of websites, and now there is a bug.

WordPress took the rare step of forcing the UpdraftPlus plugin to update on all websites to fix a high-risk vulnerability, allowing website subscribers to download the latest database backups, which often contain credentials and PIIs.

Three million websites use the popular WordPress plugin, so the potential for exploitation was great, affecting a large part of the Internet, including the major platforms.

The vulnerability affects UpdraftPlus versions 1.16.7 through 1.22.2, and the developers patched it with 1.22.3 or 2.22.3 for Premium (paid).

The flaw was discovered by security researcher  Marc Montpas of Automattic  and was tracked as  CVE-2022-0633 and has  a CVSS v3.1 score of 8.5.

UpdraftPlus helps simplify the backup and restore process with scheduled backup jobs and the option to automatically download to a trusted email address.

However, due to bugs in the plugin, any low-level authenticated user can create a valid link that allows them to download files.

WordPress Forced UpdraftPlus

The flaw was discovered on February 14, 2022 and UpdraftPlus was immediately notified, while technical details followed the next day.

The response from the developers of the popular plugin was almost immediate, and on February 16, 2022, WordPress began updating installations to version 1.22.3.

The problem is incorrect validation of the user whether or not they have the necessary privileges to access the unavailable identifier and backup timestamps.

The attack begins by sending a heartbeat request containing a "data" parameter to get information about the most recent backup.

Armed with this information, the attacker triggers the "email backup" function after the endpoint request is processed.

This role is usually limited to administrators only, but anyone with an account on the target site can access it without restrictions since there is no permission check.

Of course, the attacker needs to know how to download database backups, and for now, Updraft reports that it has not seen such cases in the wild.

“For now, it (the PoC appearance) is up to the hacker to reverse engineer changes in the latest version of UpdraftPlus to solve this problem.” - Updraft.

As mentioned in Automattic 's report , some indirect checks were still present in vulnerable versions of the plugin, but it's not enough to stop a skilled attacker.

According to WordPress download stats for this plugin, 783,000 installs were updated on the 16th and an additional 1.7 million were updated on the 17th.

Montbass told Bleeping Computer that this is one of those very rare and exceptionally dangerous cases where WordPress forces automatic updates to all sites, regardless of their administrator settings.

If you want to immediately upgrade to the secure version, you can manually apply the security update from the dashboard. The latest version available today is 1.22.4, so this is the recommended version to use.

Note that this vulnerability does not pose any risk to websites that do not support user logins of any kind or do not keep any backups.