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These are the best and easiest ways to make money as a blogger:

How to profit from Blogger blog 2022

All you need is to write unique and exclusive content that is interesting and enough patience and dedication to build the right traffic and the following. But how do bloggers make a lot of money with Blogger? We interviewed more than one expert blogger to reveal the secrets of making money online by writing articles.

How to create a Blogger blog and profit from it in 2022

Nimbron gives you a concrete action plan in creating and growing your blog into a profitable small business from home via the Blogger platform.

You have two main options when it comes to blogging - you can use a free blogging platform like Blogger and write unique content and earn money, or you can create your own website with WordPress. We'll explain both, outlining the pros and cons of each.

Pros of blogger blogs:

Easy to setup and set up

Totally free

Accepted in Adsense

You don't even need a domain or hosting

Very easy control panel

There are no conditions to register for a free blogger

Make money from Adsense

Disadvantages of blogging (Blogger):

There are a lot of restrictions on video or image uploads and you can't create a custom URL

The platform reserves the right to delete the domains of your blog on Blogger.

The inability to change the server.

The best sites to profit from the Internet by creating a blog

There are many sites in the field of blogging, but the blogger platform owned by Google is considered the most famous platform in blogging because it is completely free and easy to use and you can make a lot of money by linking the Blogger blog to the Google Adsense account

How to create a Blogger blog 2022 and make money from it by writing unique content?

It's very easy, you just have to follow the steps

Go to here

Create a new blog

Type the name of the blog you want is the title that will appear at the top of your blog.

Choose the URL that takes you to your Blogger Blog URL of your blog Users will be able to find your blog on the Internet with this URL.

Click Save That's it We are done creating a Blogger blog with ease

Now, buy a domain name from Gogadi or Namecheap

After purchasing the domain, we connect the Blogger blog to the new domain, from the side menu, choose settings, then the private domain, then write the name of the domain or domain that we purchased, then agree and follow the instructions in the pop-up message to complete linking the blog to the domain called dns

We are still in the side menu, choose Settings and then write a description of the Blogger blog

From the same menu to the bottom, choose the language of the Blogger blog

Now activate the box visible to search engines Allow search engines to find your blog

Then activate the redirect scope box and the HTTPS availability box, and also activate the redirect using HTTPS so that the lock appears next to the address.

Now activate the search description and write a distinctive description about the blogger blog

Now go to any admin site google tools from here

Add a link to your Blogger blog or domain in Google Webmasters

After verifying the ownership of the site, go to your sitemap and add a new sitemap

Put your blogger blog link for example then add

For Google robots spiders to enter your site and archive articles to appear on search engines

Note: The explanation is brief and not detailed, and you can detail each step from here

How to increase blogger blog traffic to earn money?

Once you have created your website or blog, and wrote your first posts with exclusive and unique content, the important question is - How do I collect unique traffic?

You can't expect once you post the content that the audience will magically find your blog and start reading it and start making money from it. You have to promote it!

Here are the best ways to get more traffic to your blog:

Promote your Blogger blog on social media to earn money

As with any business nowadays if you do not have social media accounts then you have to set up all the platforms.

We highly recommend creating your own Blogger Pages/Accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even LinkedIn (you're basically your own business anyway, right?).

You can also launch a campaign in some paid ads on Facebook or Instagram to help your blog reach a wider audience, or run a contest to get more likes. Once you get new followers, get them interested in posting on a regular basis with time and content.

Connect with other bloggers

Make your Blogger blog known to other people who post on similar topics. Despite the fact that you are technically a competitor for the same content, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised and supportive of the blogger community.

Many bloggers even have a "Contact Us Page" page on their site that they use to connect with a large number of their friends within the blog in exchange for . This will help in a large scale to get the top spot in SEO search results i.e. in search engine optimization

If you interact with other bloggers with the same niche and share their content, they will likely return the favor and share yours too!

Creating unique content that goes viral?

Creating exclusive and unique content will help you reach a new audience, thus increasing your readership.

This may be easier said than done, but the key to creating viral content is to take advantage of controversial or highly discussed topics related to your blogging niche – as you can imagine, this often includes news theft, as mentioned above.

Since this is your niche, you will be passionate, opinionated and knowledgable about it, so you will be able to post an opinion that people want to read, share, and talk about.

how to winMoney from blogger blog?

Once your blog is up and running, you can (finally!) start looking for ways to monetize it.

These are the best and easiest ways to make money from Blogger Blogger:

1- Link Blogger blog to Adsense account to earn money from ads

  • Adsense Admission Requirements to Earn Money from Blogger Blog
  • In order for your Blogger blog to be accepted, the domain must be more than two months old and not be new to submit to Google Adsense.
  • The written content and images are exclusive and have no literary property rights
  • The number of posts must be more than 30 unique posts
  • There should be visits from search engines and social networking sites
  • The site should not have illegal visits from bots or programs.

2- Use affiliate marketing on blogger blog to make profit

  • Affiliate marketing works by adding tracked affiliate links in your blog text. You can make a small commission every time a reader clicks on a site you recommend and makes a purchase.
  • The links will lead readers to a brand's website, and the money you get is to say "thank you" for sending some great readers to their site.
  • Almost all online e-commerce sites have an affiliate program of some kind, such as Amazon, ASOS, and Apple.
  • Subscribe to Affiliate Window - a huge commission network where you can promote thousands of well-known brands and services from all over the world.
3 - Add a banner ad to your Blogger blog

  • As a more visible way to advertise, you can sell ad space on your blog page to brands that relate to your readers.
  • Ads can be placed anywhere, but they are most commonly found at the top of blog pages or in the sidebar.
  • You can earn income in one of two ways. CPC (cost per click) means that you will get a set payment for each reader who clicks on the ad, while CPM (cost per thousand) means that you will negotiate a set payment for every 1,000 “impressions” the ad gets.
  • With the growth of AdBlocker extensions, CPC and CPM can be low, but it depends on your industry, and there's not much harm in trying it out.

4- Sell digital products on your blog

If you have skills or advice to offer, another option is to charge for access to e-books, video lessons, courses, or workshops.

To make this option work, you must be able to show that you are extremely good at what you do, or that your content has proven to be incredibly valuable. This is not easy.

It can be very difficult to convince online communities to pay, as there is a tendency for people to believe that everything on the Internet should be free. Worth a try, isn't it?

How to choose exclusive topics for Blogger blog?

The biggest mistake new bloggers make in this busy blogging world is starting a blog without trying to write something surprising or different and 100/100 exclusive.

For example, if fashion is your thing, then instead of combining general fashion content, you could combine your love of clothes with your keen interest in the environment by blogging about eco-conscious designers instead?

Best ways to find a topic for a new blogger blog:

Look at other blogs: Visual and intellectual nutrition I do not mean imitation or paraphrase

This should be the first door port. What actually worked? And most importantly, what are we missing? Look for gaps in the market.

Use Google - What are people searching for? Use Google's suggested searches and autocomplete to discover what people are looking for - if they're looking for it, it's a sign of an order.

Search forums for common FAQ - When people can't find answers to their questions, they go to the forums. What do they ask? What do they need advice about? This will show what people are interested in and what there is a lack of information about.

Track current trends - What topics are in the media right now? It's a good idea to pick a topic that lasts, but if you can get back into the trend early on, you can quickly establish yourself as an expert on the topic before anyone else. A search on Twitter's #journorequest shows what kind of topics journalists are currently reporting.

Think about different types of content - can you make tutorials/how-to guides? opinions? interviews? menus? It may not be what you write about, but how you write is what sets you apart from others.

State your interests and passions - While all of the above is important, there's no point in blogging about something you absolutely don't care about. You will get bored quickly and people will discover your lack of enthusiasm. Write about something you really care about.

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