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Increasing Adsense profits in a legal and legitimate way guaranteed؟

Increasing Adsense profits in a legal and legitimate way guaranteed 2022

How to Increase and Increase Google AdSense Earnings with (7 Easy Tips)
Do you want to maximize your Google AdSense earnings? We've come to the right place.
Monetizing your website with Google Adsense is the easiest way to make money online. With enough work, you can easily increase your earnings (Adsense earnings).
In this article, we will show you the ways to increase and multiply your AdSense earnings

increase google adsense earnings

We start….....

Today I will present to you many ways to increase and double the profits from advertising (increase profits)

1- Track your AdSense performance

In order to increase your Google AdSense revenue, it is important that you understand what is best for your unique audience.

With insights into the number of clicks on your ads, you can improve your click-through rate (CTR). You can also learn about the most converting ad placements and select the right audience for your ads.

The best tool to track your Google Adsense is through MonsterInsights on websites, YouTube, or even a blog.

Tips to increase profit from Google Adsense by a high rate

With MonsterInsights in your toolkit, let's take a look at how to increase your AdSense earnings.

1. Create high-quality content in a professional manner

The best way to get more clicks and increase your profits is to create valuable content for your visitors. By generating traffic, you increase your chances of getting clicks. And by attracting people, your blog becomes attractive to advertisers.

At this point, you may be asking how do you create great content? A simple place to start is to take a look at the blogs that are already driving traffic to your blog.

2. Find the right high price keywords for your site to increase CPC

Search for expensive words using keywordplanner from Google

Besides creating engaging content, you should look at the keywords people use to find your website. By optimizing your site for search engines or SEO, you can easily increase organic traffic.

And more traffic means more clicks, which leads to more AdSense earnings. To find the keywords people use to search your website, you can use the MonsterInsights Search Console report.

The best thing about the report is that you get data about the number of clicks, impressions, click-through rate, and average position of each search term.

Search-Console-Report- to increase Adsense profits

This data is very valuable as you can use it to optimize your website for similar keywords. It also helps you find and arrange content topics to create.

3. Find out how many people are going to your website

When it comes to ad placement, the general rule is to place your ads in a highly visible area of ​​your website where your visitors pay more attention so that you attract clicks.

But how do you know where to place your ads?

A simple way to find out is to check how far people are going to your blog posts. If you will place your ads in a place where the visitor is not scrolling, you will not get any clicks and as a result you will lose revenue.

This is where MonsterInsights' scroll depth tracking feature can help you. Simply enable the option and it will automatically set up scroll tracking on your website. You can then find the report by going to Insights » Reports » Publishers and scrolling to .

Track Scrolling in WordPress with MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin

Now using the report, you can see that people are scrolling through approximately 40% of your website. Therefore, if you want to maximize your AdSense earnings, you should place your ads before this scroll depth.

4. Follow ad placement best practices

If you run a WordPress blog, here are some placement best practices that are worth trying to maximize your earnings:

Homepage :

In order to increase your click-through rate (CTR), Google recommends using the 728 x 90 display ad unit leaderboard in the fold of your home page and below the main navigation bar

Depending on the length of the page, you can also use a vertical ad unit of the same size (728 x 90) in the middle or at the end of the home page

Test different ad units - either a 160 x 600 wide skyscraper or a 300 x 250 medium rectangle in the sidebar

Blog page:

Place a 336 x 280 wide rectangle ad unit at the top of your article

Use a similar ad unit at the end of your post before the comments section

Similar to the homepage, place a skyscraper or ad unit in the shape of a medium rectangle in the sidebar

5. A/B Test Ad Placements

You can also run A/B testing to learn best practices for ad placements that work with your website.

Based on the results of the tests, you can then determine the areas that increase your earnings in Google AdSense.

The simplest way to conduct experiments is through the MonsterInsights Google Optimize addon.

Install MonsterInsights Google Optimize Addon

With the extension, you can configure A/B tests on your website with just a few clicks and view the data in Google Analytics. Follow our guide on how to set up Google Optimize.

The add-on now offers page-level targeting for these tests, so you can select a specific blog post that you want to test for better ad position.

To get the most out of Google Optimize, head over to our Proven Strategies post to see what kind of experiments you can do.

6. Follow Ad Styles Best Practices

To boost your AdSense earnings, the style and size of your ads can mean the difference between the ads visitors will notice and click on, and the ads they will directly skip.

When choosing the right ad styles, your goal should be to make them more visible and reduce ad blindness.

For best results, Google recommends using colors for your ad text and links already on your site.

When it comes to creating ad styles, there are three common techniques that are proven to attract clicks.

Mix: For your ad units, use the same color for the borders and background of your page

Complement: Use the colors that are already on your site, but don't exactly match the background and borders where the ads are placed

Contrast: For your ad units, choose colors that stand out against your background

7. Manage ads with the plugin

To easily manage AdSense ads, you can use an ad management plugin like AdSanity. With AdSanity, you can quickly and easily insert your ads in the right location.

You can also group ads together by creating ad groups and they can be inserted into sidebars and posts. Some useful features of AdSanity are:

Expiry Date: Set an expiration date for your ads

Rotate ad rotation: You can have on-page and on-time rotations for your ad groups

Adblocker message: to check the ad blocker and display a message to disable it

Learn how to manage ads with AdSanity.

Conclusion :

By using the tips we have included in this post, you can easily increase your website traffic and increase your earnings with AdSense.

We hope you like our article on how to increase your Google AdSense earnings.

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