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Download the latest version of the Islamic Odin program:

Download the latest version of the Islamic Odin program:

Muslim ODIN V3.0 Free is an excellent tool used to bypass and remove FRP Google Account lock in one click.

Developed by Ali Hassani Retrax to help you use the tool without any password, you can easily bypass FRP Gmail account lock from all Android smartphones and tablets, open barcode browser, without using computer, flash full firmware, download root recovery and flash, remove frp Google account for MTK and SPD phones in boot mode, unlock bootloader, put phone in download mode, reset Frp Adb, Mtp Factory reset, read information Mtp, create MDM...just download tool Muslim ODIN V3.0, Now you can easily bypass google account through any FRP apk file.

Phones supported by Muslim ODIN supported: Samsung + HUAWEI + LG + itel + Oneplus + Xiaomi + Infinix + VIVO + Sony Motorola + Nokia + HTC + OPPO + Tecno + ZTE samsung .... All models are supported

download Muslim ODIN V3.0

Here you can download FRP Unlock Tool for your Android device.

File Name: Muslim_Odin_v3.0_Cr_Ck_Full_Ver.rar

Operating System Support: Windows 7 - Windows 8 - Windows 8.1 - Windows 10

To download Islamic ODIN V3.0: Download Link: Download Link or Download Link or Download Link            Password:

Explain how to use Muslim ODIN V3.0 FRP

Run Islamic Odin 3rd Edition as administrator.

Muslim ODIN V3.0

Do not close the loader window, otherwise the crack will not work.

Muslim ODIN V3.0

Run Muslim Odin tool v3.0 by Ali Hassani +212676866794.exe as administrator.

Muslim ODIN tool V3.0 latest version

Disconnect your Android phone from the computer and click ALL MOBILE FRP.

Muslim ODIN tool V3.0

Connect your Android phone to your computer

Connect your Android phone to your Wi-Fi network.

Choose the URL you want to send:

YouTube - Google Maps - Samsung - Samsungsettings - Hangouts

My Files - Hide Settings - Your URL - Huawei Settings - Whatsapp

Click Start FRP Browser MTP to open the link on the FRP lock device.

Once you choose the link that you want to send on your FRP lock phone, you can bypass google FRP lock account in any way you want.

Muslim ODIN V3.0 mp

How to fix "Failed to launch Islamic Odin browser" on Muslim ODIN V3.0

Click on Start and then Settings

Update and security.

Recovery and then click Restart now.


Advanced Options.

start settings.


Press 7 to disable driver signature enforcement.

In Windows Security, click Virus & threat protection.

Manage settings.

Turn off real-time protection

Designed by: Ali Hassani

The most powerful alternative to FRP Unlock Tool supports all types of Android phones


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