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Download AG KG Tool Android V5.2 Latest Update 2022?

Download AG KG Tool Android V5.2 Latest Update 2022:

AG Tool Android V5.2 free is one of the most powerful free phone maintenance and repair software that allows you to bypass and remove the Google global account protection for Android phones.

Removing the lock screen pattern and password from the phone also allows you to flash the devices without problems

Explanation of the features of AG KG tools Android V5.2 free

The tool consists of the following sections:


Samsung devices


ZTE & Qualcomm

LG . devices

First: Android

The kg ag tool Android V5.2 restarts the phone (system).

Activate unknown sources for devices without root.

Open access points and add new access points for devices that do not support access points.

Download remote mirage keyboard.

Decode all mtk devices with the push of a button.

Reboot the device to fastboot mode, download mode, and recovery mode.

Bypass google account with adb mode.

Localize Android devices with adb mode.

And other features in this section

Second: Samsung devices section

Localization of Samsung devices in two ways:-

Method 1: The old method from version 5.0 to version 8.0.

The second method: It is the method of localizing and converting the interface of the device to the ninth version.

Localization of devices by more local with the push of a button.

Third: ADB & UNLOCK in AG KG Tool Android V5.2

Unroot China Telecom phones without root and with root.

Solve the problem of gsm in some esprint phones and make it work on both systems.

Decoding Yemen Mobile after formatting and activating it without a Verizon SIM,

All you have to do is remove the Yemen Mobile SIM card, and then decode it using the tool and restart.

Adding data playback icon to the top menu in devices that do not have this icon.

And other features in this section.

Fourth: ZTE & Qualcomm

ZTE devices localization.

Decode ZTE devices

Delete google account in adb sidload mode with one click.

Delete Google account protection in EDL mode.

Fifth: ag kg tools Android V5.2 LG devices

Repairing phone networks after the formatting process and stopping annoying messages

Activate the parade mode with root and without root.

Unlock screen lock without wiping data.

Clear all devices

Solve the problem of coverage in modern LG devices after formatting (new).

And other features in this section

download ag kg tools Android V5.2 now

Download from the link here


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