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How to create a US Play Store account (google play developer)

How to make an American account in the Google Play Store (google play developer) 2022

Do you want to create an American Play Store in the easiest way and without getting tired of creating an account, today, God willing, I will teach you the correct way to create an American account on Google Play 2022. At the end of the article there is a full explanation video that you can follow to understand more.

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What is Google Play Store (google play developer)?

Google Play Store is Google's official marketplace, and many people know it, and this market is where Google lets you download apps, games, movies, and e-books.

As Google is the sponsor, official and developer of the Android system, which is the actual competitor to the Apple Store market, and the Google Play market is characterized by its reliance on its programming on open code, and this allows developers and designers to modify some applications and games and return them to the market after examining them well.

And also after they confirm that it is virus-free or does not have any hacking software, and the Google Play Market deals with many companies that manufacture smartphones and tablets such as Chinese Huawei as well as Korean Samsung, OPPO phones and other companies, since the Play Market has become very popular, millions enter it From users every day in order to see all the news and updates on the applications and to know what is new in games, applications, e-books and much more.

Advantages of switching Google Play Store to US:

  1. A US Google Play account allows you to download software, games, apps, and e-books for free.
  2. You can also see the latest updates for apps that may not be available in your country.
  3. You do not need to activate the account with your phone and mobile number.
  4. There are paid apps on the Play Store that you can get discounts to purchase for a small fee.
  5. You can see the latest software and app updates or updates before any other account.
  6. You will get rid of the problem of item not available in your country.
  7. Also, this email is much better and more powerful than a regular account.
  8. You can also buy any app or game from the US store, unlike the normal store, you may face some problems or you may not be able to buy from it.
  9. There are also constant updates with it that are much better than the regular account.

How to create a US Play Store account:

You have to follow these steps and focus well to learn how to create a US account in Play Store:

You will download a VPN app and one of the apps I use is UFO VPN, you can view and download it from here.

You will then install the application and make sure that it is granted all the permissions for the desired phone.

Then, after installation, you will open the application and you will be shown the main screen.

You will click on the far right which will be in the form of countries or country shapes.

You will see a list of countries provided by the application, there will be free countries and countries that need a monthly subscription to the application, but you will choose the United States of America which is free in the application.

You will then tap Connect and wait and make sure the app is now connected to the country.

After that you will go to settings in your phone, then download and choose apps, then choose Google Play Store, then choose storage, then delete all store data and this is a very important step that many people overlook, so you must make sure of it.

Now you have to go to the UFO VPN app and make sure that it is working and connected as we set it.

Then go to the Google Play Store again.

At the top on the far right you will see a menu in the form of three dots, click on it and a menu will open on the right.

You will go down and choose to collect the value.

You will be asked to enter a code, at this point if you want to create a US Google Play account to charge the US Google Play cards with you with these cards, and charge the code on the card and there will be no problems and follow the steps with us after that, but if you want to open the US account in particular to enjoy its features It is okay to enter this code:


After that, you will be asked to enter some personal data to verify your country, but you don't have to worry. You will be asked to enter a phone number and enter the country, type the country code "90011" and enter the phone number "8148882685" or any other US number.

Then click OK. completion.

After that, exit and close the Google Play Store, delete its data, as I mentioned earlier, and also close the UFO VPN app.

After that, you will simply turn off the phone or wait 20 minutes and switch to America.

In the end I hope you have benefited from the article and also if you feel that you have not benefited from any need you can watch the video below the article for a complete explanation of how to create a US account on Play Store.