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7 steps to get your site on the first pages of SEO?

 How to make my site on the first pages in search engines SEO

steps to make your site on the first pages of SEO search engines. One of the common questions of most novice webmasters and bloggers is:

How to make my site on the first pages in search engines SEO
7 steps to get your site on the first pages of SEO?

What is the way to improve the seo of my site in relation to search engines?

This also falls under the question of how to SEO improve your site.

Taking into account the many benefits that SEO can bring to your site and activity.

steps to get your site on the first pages of SEO

It is very clear that this question is frequently asked by novice website owners and bloggers. While the answer can be complicated at times, there are some concrete steps you can take today to improve your ratings and ranking with search engines, especially Google and the latest Google updates.

Everything you need to know about SEO

Optimizing and configuring your site for search engines are arranged steps that you take on your site and contain rules to make your site more relevant to search engines. These rules can play a very important role in increasing or decreasing your site if you do not improve and ensure that the steps are safe.

For example, you can bypass and block accidental access to a search engine bot and you can't read and index your pages via a roboot command error for example. txt file on your site, or the sitemap file contains irrelevant URLs such as site registration links or member profile links. . . They are all junk files and should be indexed on your site as long as your site offers articles, explanations, programs or movies. . etc.

Whether your edits are big or small, all the rules have to do with one thing: how to optimize your site for search engine visibility.

In the context of how to be an SEO expert, "optimization" means two things:

Make your website better for greater visibility in search engines.

Make your website better than your competition.

Let me explain to you a simple example of how to SEO optimize your site or SEO optimization.

Let's say two similar sites are vying for first place on Google, on a given keyword. One of the two sites has SSL and the other doesn't have SSL.

With both sites being equal to all other things, a secure website (SSL) will rank higher in search results than an unsecured site. why is that? Because the SSL certificate is part of the Google ranking algorithm.

You and yourself will definitely wonder does this mean that if I make my website have an SSL security certificate today, it will magically rank higher in search results with search engines or so called SERPS?

The answer will certainly be no, and the reason why there are at least 200 other factors that Google takes into account when ranking websites and sites with an SSL security certificate is one of them.

However, because you've improved SSL, your website has an advantage over other websites that don't have an SSL certificate: enabling https.

In other words, one factor alone will not give you the highest ratings, but if you work on your website how to SEO improve your site or SEO optimization, you will eventually get better ratings than your competitors.

steps to get your site on the first pages of SEO

Here are the 7 steps to get your site on the first pages of SEO for your website:

Give search engines what they need

What do search engines need from you and show them on your site? The answer is simply the content, that's what will make your users satisfied with your site, and that's simply the answer.
Do an honest review of your website content, and if you find a page on your site that doesn't appear first on a particular topic when you search on Google and instead shows a page from another site, you must be wondering why Google should show your page instead of some other page on other sites showing up In the search results instead of you as you think. And why does Google display those pages instead of yours... Here's the pause and here you should address the problem with the content of your pages.

Are they unique and original pages? You rarely find a topic that no one has written but that doesn't mean you can't create unique and original content, even if it's based on something already posted on the web.

Take, for example, the article you are reading right now. If you google “how to improve your website SEO”, you will find hundreds of articles, but this article is unique and unique to my website and original because it takes a different angle on this topic than other published articles.

Is it long enough? Study after study confirms that content length matters when it comes to SEO and social engagement. Hubspot's latest release again shows that 2,250 to 2,500 words of content performs better in search engines and that content over 2,500 words performs better on social media.

Is it constantly renewed and updated? Fresh content is always a great way to improve the SEO of your site. You can read my previous article which explains updating your old blog articles is important to increase traffic and improve Sioux 2020 in your site, by posting constantly renewed content you are more likely to earn more organic traffic in the short and long term.

Is it keeping pace with the modifications and modernity in its field? Have you ever imagined how many web pages are actually available on the internet and the growing amount of information? The numbers are staggering, of course.

Search engines care about old content, but their primary concern is to provide their users with updated content, which is one of the reasons why your site needs to be updated frequently with new content.