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What are the dangers of the Internet for children?

Internet and Kids?

The Internet is the World Wide Web that has transformed the world into a small village, despite the existence of borders, and spatial and temporal separations, by providing the possibility of exchanging messages, photos, and videos through social networking sites, which contributed to increasing social cohesion, and facilitated the process of acquaintance with new civilizations, places , and people, but it must be taken into account that the wrong use of it is harmful to individuals and societies, and we will introduce you to the dangers of its use in this article.

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Risks of Internet Use for Children?

Social isolation:

Excessive use of the Internet leads to distance from the surrounding world, which leads to the loss of friends, and dependence on it for everything causes bad communication between people, knowing that direct communication is the best means of social communication with others, and continuing to use it leads to to family disintegration.


 Excessive use of the Internet leads to a deterioration in the health status and the incidence of some diseases, such as stiffness of the spine, excessive obesity, neck pain, vision problems, in addition to psychological problems, and a constant feeling of depression, anxiety, tension, and distrust of others, especially in the event of formation of Relationships eventually appear to be with unreal people.

 Personal Information Theft:

Interaction on social media requires writing down personal information that hackers can access and use for unethical purposes, which wastes the right of the owners of this information and exposes them to legal accountability, and sometimes it may even lead to arrest and imprisonment.

Exposing children to pornography:

Violence considers the Internet one of the most dangerous modern means for children, knowing that access to it has become easy, and it is not restricted by conditions or bases for dealing with it, which increases the possibility of children entering pornographic sites that violate their morals, and thus affect the values ​​they were raised on. Their entry into sites that display violent scenes, which affects society indirectly, as they are the building blocks of this society, and the basis for its construction.


 Excessive use of the Internet leads to addiction to it, which affects the course of a person’s life, as he becomes unable to stay away from the Internet, and does not imagine his life without it, and it must be noted that this affects the general productivity of people, and thus affects their Community progress and development.

Threat to local culture:

Opening up to the outside world leads to the entry of other cultures that affect the local culture of societies, especially if they have a specific culture and awareness, knowing that some of these cultures

 may be inappropriate. Social Security Threat:

Some social networking sites affect individuals negatively, knowing that they target the youth group in particular, they were recruited against the public interest of their countries, which affects the strength of these countries and puts them at risk.


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