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How to increase Google AdSense earnings in 2022

Increasing Adsense profits in a legal and legitimate way guaranteed 2022

We talked in previous topics about Google Adsense, how to profit from Google Adsense, CPC and tips for acceptance in Google Adsense, but today's topic is; In it, we will talk about a step that precedes the previous steps in stages, which is to increase Google Adsense profits in 2021 and to raise and increase the price of a click in legitimate ways, and this is in contrast to the laws of YouTube.

Among the AdSense advertising programs that help you monetize through ads, the most used one is Google Adsense which was launched in 2003. By placing ads related to your content and increasing your target audience, it creates an opportunity for developers and webmasters to achieve Profits and gains from traffic on their site.

We will talk in an exclusive way about how to raise and increase Google Adsense earnings

We will talk directly about increasing and doubling your profits through Google AdSense ads, with some simple steps that increase the clicks and profits of Blogger significantly, so follow us in the next few lines on the method.

increase google adsense earnings

Today, Google AdSense offers several ways to improve the advertising revenue it displays, such as the ability to remove low-priced ads, the blacklist, the targeting section, and many other features that can be used.

The best tips on the Internet to increase profits with Google adsense

We offer here in Mohassan Tech, we have covered some of the purifying lessons in the past for how to register in Google Adsense advertising with a detailed explanation and some tips to achieve the maximum possible benefit, and we will talk about a list of 44 of these tips that any ordinary blogger can follow and benefit from to increase revenue and profits from Google Adsense.

Although Google Adsense does not work the same for everyone, so my suggestion to you is to keep experimenting constantly and follow the tips that work best for you.

My suggestion and advice through my best experience for you is not to use text ads only, but to use images and ad texts together in Adsense.

And now with the 44 most important tips to increase Google Adsense profits

1. Follow the rules and laws of Adsense strictly.

2. Choose a high paying niche for your blog on how to increase Adsense earnings.

3. Searching for high-priced keywords.

4. Check the keyword density you selected.

5. Placing ads on the top of the page is good for Adsense.

6. Use image ads and text ads

7. Use of non-standard types of Adsense ads.

8. Choose the appropriate format for your blog dedicated to displaying AdSense ads.

9. The use of advertising units of various shapes and sizes.

10. Change the color of your ads every now and then in the article.

11. Use horizontal link modules

12. Sometimes doing more experiments with the positioning of advertising.

13. Change the position of the Google Adsense ads every period and monitor the performance

14. Avoid limits on ad display

15. Convert low paying units into image ads only.

16. Advertise your site on Google AdWords

17. Reducing the number of links leaving the page as few as possible.

18. Create multiple ad banners.

19. Use all possible features available.

20. Choose the appropriate advertisement for the content of the page.

You can read the most expensive keywords in Google Adsense and how to choose the most expensive keywords in the world

21. Use the targeting section in the Google Adsense control panel.

22. Increase Place your Adsense ad units in hot spots on your site where they can be easily seen by visitors.

23. Getting targeted visitors greatly increases the possibility of clicking on the advertisement.

24. Use AdWords Tools to help improve your site's performance.

25. Increase the use of Google Adsense channels to track performance and measure results.

26. Avoid MFA sites (made for AdSense).

27. Track the advertisement, analyze the performance of each of them, and get rid of the inappropriate ones.

28, block advertisers who pay low prices.

29. Do not overblock ads.

30. Use the preview tool and the custom Adsense bar.

31. Not to cover advertising on the top of the content.

32. Do not use hidden advertising as it is against the policies.

33. When writing short articles, place the ad at the beginning or end of the content.

34. When writing long articles, place the ad in the middle of the content.

35. Avoid increasing the use of misleading words or calling for pressure on the advertisement.

36. Do not set google adsense as a secondary option in your site.

37. Constantly increasing the publication of new and exclusive content, so that search engines know about your site.

38. Register in hub pages and use the same account.

39. Register on bukisa and use the same blog account.

40. Register in docstoc, upload files, and use AdSense analytics.

41. Take advantage of profit sharing sites.

42. Register in the YouTube Partner Program.

43. Get rid of public service ads.

44. Avoid titles like sponsored ads and the like, avoid titles like sponsored ads and the like.