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download Samsung Screen Ghost Fixer repair tool

Explanation of the Remove Ghost screen program Tools

شرح اداة download Samsung Screen Ghost Fixer repair toolFirst, the necessary requirements:

The tool is free and you do not need an active account or credit.

The S9 Plus is a non-printing agency that you can use to repair printing phones.

Black box, same as the video explanation. You can make it yourself from wood or cardboard, but wood is preferred.

You do not need to connect to the Internet.

It is necessary that the printing device in the device has the highest value of 1440.

It is necessary that the printing device has a charge rate of more than 50%

Also, the brightness is higher because the process will take time to complete.

download Samsung Screen Ghost Fixer repair tool

  • Beautify Samsung Screen 2022 / Samsung Screen Ghost Fixer repair touch
  • File Name: Samsung Screen Ghost Fixer repair tools phone
  • Compatible with Windows system
  • File type: exe
  • Uploaded by Mohassan Tech
  • passivation link from here

Second, the application:

The first step :

The S9 PLUS is hooked up and will act as the right source to pull out the correct arrangement of screen pixels.

We activate the Diaq, as well as the adb correction.

Click the option in the tool step one

It will install files and install a mobile application.

We are now disconnecting it from the computer.

The second step :

You must make sure that the screen resolution of the S9 Plus is (1440 * 2960).

Or enter the settings - screen - screen resolution.

Printed mobile mesh - which has the problem of screen shadows.

diaq + adb does it.

After you make sure it is enabled and give it USB debugging permissions.

Click the option setp two.

It will install files and open the interface in the form of +.

Now go to the S9 device and open the application you installed in it.

and scan for devices

It shows you the printing device you choose.

It will appear to you on the printing device. Do you agree to call, press OK.

Now put the printing device in the box and cover it

After you cover the printing device in the box, press the S9 start

You put it over the opening of the box, weigh the cross on the phone with the printed phone, and start the start

Then he transfers the files and when he finishes, he tells you how the device was and how it became.

Then plug the printing device into the device and press step three

And congrats to you.








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