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download Fake IOS Tool PK3M Free 2022

Explanation of Fake IOS Tool by PK3M Free

Fake IOS Tool is a free and simple tool that allows users to bypass iCloud, welcome screen, fix broken baseband and Untethered iCloud Bypass MEID/GSM on any iPhone and iPad devices. If your iPhone is stuck in the iCloud account lock
Fake IOS Tool is very useful to delete and unlock iCloud lock in iPhone and iPad. So, if you want to download Fake IOS Tool v1.6.5 by PK3M tool latest version.
This procedure for using Fake IOS Tool v1.6.5 is very simple all you have to do is to boot your windows computer in Checkra1n or Unc0ver then jailbreak your IOS device and run the tool then select the option you want to use and use it.
You have to jailbreak your iPhone first using MAC, Hackintosh, Ra1n USB iOS iOS to unlock passcode, disable iPhones, activate IOS, and fix hello screen. If you have a Windows PC use the checkra1n program.
iPhone IOS phones from iPhone 6 to iPhone 13 Pro are easily supported on Fake IOS Tool which is very easy to use. You will face iCloud account lock if you modify the system without knowing the iCloud ID password, if you encounter the problem, then Bison iCloud tool like I identify Apple users who ask for effective, powerful and usable methods in many forums that help us to bypass the lock, after showing a lot of recommendations Third parties and iCloud bypass tools, here I share one of the best tools here.
iCloud Lock Protection is a very good security technique but many people are facing problem due to iCloud security lock, that is why here I share with you the latest iCloud tool which will work on any IOS phone, to work with Fake IOS Tool you have to follow the proper ways to bypass iCloud lock easily without problems .

download Fake IOS Tool PK3M Free

Download Fake IOS Tool Latest Version 2022
Download link here

Features of Fake IOS Tool by PK3M Free

Bypass Untethered iCloud with Full Signal
Activate the AppStore and file notifications,
Needs a jailbreak tool
Supported platform: Windows 11
Jailbreak your iDevice before bypassing.
Delete GSM with SIM Card and Signal
MDM bypass and decoder,
Fix broken baseband.
One-click GSM bypass program
Remove activation lock to support all models.
Data backup preview
Bypass free MEID
Download free service
IOS14.7 in 8, 8 plus and X
ios 14.6 in 7 and 7 plus
Full working Facetime and iMessage
Battery drained and device was hot
Disabled updates
Support pkm الإصلاح repair accounts
ICCID / mp recovery
iPhone 5- 5C Manual Unlock
Support the latest iOS 15 (Beta3)
Get PK3M tools pro

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