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Aleapp Version 1.8.0 Latest Free Downlaod

 download aleapp version1.8.0 Latest Free

ATA GUI v1.8.0 is a small tool for windows PC running on the latest android SDK. Users are allowed to freely use a lot of functions in ADB or FASTBOOT mode. Previous. Reboot in different modes, smartphone sync, screen share. File and Application Transfer ADB Over Network Kill ADB Server Flashing Separate all.IMG HARD RESET In recovery mode install zip package firmware.

download ATA GUI v1.8.0

  1. Download Aleapp Version 1.8.0 Latest Free
  2. Operating System: Windows
  3. File name: ATA GUI
  4. Password: There is no password
  5. Supports: Android devices
  6. Download link here

Features of Aleapp Version 1.8.0 Latest Free

  • IP error fix
  • Fix method disable, enable, clear data
  • download version 1.8.0
  • Add Screen Sharing (Scrcpy)
  • button add firmware error report
  • Bloatware will only be disabled from now on
  • UI update
  • Other minor improvements
  • download bloatware
  • Add the total number of applications
  • Added restore package function
  • Update UI settings
  • Button UI update
  • Other minor improvements
  • download "Connected via:" again
  • Added auto update feature
  • Add the ability to check if a new version is available
  • download newtonsoft.json dll
  • Add fun to check if ADB is still running
  • Update all app sync method
  • All apps will now be sorted
  • You can now connect to your wireless smartphone without connecting it with a cable to configure
  • Fix adb dialog problem
  • Other minor improvements
  • Add a new device category
  • Add multi-device support
  • download Fix uninstall method
  • Fixed conversion method
  • Temporarily remove "connected via:"
  • Other minor improvements
  • download Add a new device category
  • Add multi-device support
  • Fix uninstall method
  • Fixed conversion method
  • Temporarily remove "connected via:"
  • Minor firmware improvements تجربة Experience
  • Add push file to device function with drag and drop
  • Add apk install by drag and drop
  • Add selected apps counter
  • Move the list of grant permissions to the new button
  • Fix LoadingForm progress bar
  • remove path from apk name
  • Other minor improvements
  • UI update
  • Add a new function to clear app data
  • Change Apk radio buttons filter to context menu bar
  • Change DisableEnableMenu to PackageMenu
  • Fix package list
  • Remove useless code
  • Other improvements
  • Disable and enable application functionality has been added
  • Updated download form
  • Useless code removal
  • Uninstall system/user apps without root
  • Install apps
  • Grant WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission
  • Grant unloading permission
  • Check the permissions granted
  • ADB over the network
  • Restart the smartphone
  • Reboot in recovery
  • Reboot into Fastboot / Bootloader
  • FLASH BOOT (.img file only)
  • FLASH BOOTL OADER (.img file only)
  • FLASH RADIO (.img file only)
  • Flash recovery (.img file only)
  • Flash system (.img file only)
  • Flash Seller (.img file only)
  • Flash Cache (.img file only)
  • Flash Rom (You should know what you're doing)
  • Clear user data and cache
  • UNLOCK BOOT LOADER (Not all devices are supported)
  • LOCK BOOT LOADER (Not all devices are supported)
  • OEM Device ID
  • Get the device firmware information
  • Sideload a zip


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