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How to speed up the archiving of your site to lead the search results in Google؟

How to speed up the archiving of your site to lead the search results in Google؟

Archiving websites After the new update announced by Google, many websites suffer from the problem of archiving and not appearing, and Google search results are issued, and some of these websites and blogs fell from the first pages of search results, after which archiving websites became of great interest.

There is no doubt that the famous search engine Google has become one of the most important tools used on the Internet by millions of people around the world, as users rely on it to search for sites and products, along with a huge range of services provided by this giant engine, where we will talk today about the secrets of searching in Google in order to Get better results and also get more services, as the famous engine contains a lot of services that many people are unaware of so far, so I will mention many of these services about accelerating the archiving of your unknown site so that you can benefit more.

The best way to speed up the archiving of your site to the top of Google search results

There are several ways in which you can speed up the archiving of sites, and now I will share all of these methods, but before you start doing that, here are some points that you should really consider before submitting the topics of your site or your blog to the search archive.

Selecting and creating appropriate and purposeful content.

Creating exclusive content is one of the basics of accelerating the archiving of websites and accelerating the archiving of Blogger very quickly, and I know that whenever the topic is exclusive and not copied, it will occupy the first place and the search results will be issued, and thus quick archiving on search engines. Do not copy and paste without changing and modifying the copied content. You must also format the content of the articles while writing professionally. I do not advise you to copy and paste only. Write your own content that is appropriate and targeted for searches, for example, people in Google are looking for a way to speed up archiving sites to lead search results, study the topic well and then collect the necessary images about your topic and create it.

Avoid repetition of the content of your site.

Duplicate content is a term mainly used in relation to search engine optimization in the field of SEO. One speaks of duplicate content if identical or very similar scripts can be accessed via multiple URLs. So if you copy this blog article 100 percent and post it again on your site, it will be double content (and of course there is also flagrant copyright infringement).

Add exclusive and high quality photos.

Images play a pivotal factor in accelerating the archiving of websites. The first thing that is archived from the content of websites is the images, so you must pay attention to this important factor and work on creating exclusive images to enrich your content and archiving images, taking into account that the property rights have been removed from the images. There are a group of websites to do this Such as (Pixabay,, Pexels, and and they are all free sites and I will explain them to you in another article. And you must compress your site images and convert them to Webp format to speed up their appearance and to avoid problems with Google Webmaster Tools.

Add the ALT attribute to your photos.

The Alt tag is one of the most important scripts, many bloggers get it wrong here, and they don't use these scripts at all. This text is used for two reasons.

The first is that anyone who is using their browser is in 'text only' mode, then they can't see the images but they can see where the image is, and in this place you may notice for some time, that the text is displayed. alt text,

In the second case, if the image on the server is deleted, it returns with a 404 error, then text is displayed in this image and this is the alternative to telling you to enter it here.

In either case, the main purpose is to get the user an idea of ​​the image if they are unable to view the image. And to get closer, let's understand the Alt tag. Alt symbol means alt text. It's a simple, short text added to the image to describe it more fully, so remember to use the alternative from now on the wings, if you haven't.

Use the appropriate keywords while naming the image.

The use of keywords related to the topic while naming the images helps to understand the relationship between the article and the image, especially for search engines. The right keywords always work well in Image SEO so, you need to use the right keywords while naming the image. Here's a tool from Google's keyword planner for keyword research. To help you search for keywords.

Resize the images to match the site's measurements.

You should consider changing the size of the images before uploading them to your site or blog in order to match their format.

And here is this tool to change the size of your images img2go.

Make sure your site is fast.

The download speed is one of the things that play an important role in accelerating the archiving of sites and blogger blogs and giving an opportunity for search engines to access new articles that you publish very quickly and archive these articles. Here, I must give you advice that you should work with. Avoid using free blogger templates and I advise you to use a template Paid appropriate, and if you can't do that, try to use a free template that does not contain a lot of extra coded code, as well as avoid unnecessary add-ons and codes that make the template heavier than necessary, all of which makes the site archiving heavier and the speed of loading slow, which causes search engine robots to ignore it to visit and send Visitors to it and not archive the site. So you should speed up your Blogger blog.

Add your sitemaps - Sitmap to Google Webmaster Tools.

You must create a file for all the maps of your site and add them in the webmaster tools to tell the search engines that your site contains sitemaps because of its important role in sending all the content of the site or Blogger blog to search engines for archiving.

I use Google webmaster tools and make sure they are free of problems.

The presence of some problems in the google search console webmaster tools has negative results that cause Blogger blogs not to be archived and sites to appear in search engines, so you must solve all the problems that may be in this tool.

Add your site in the Bing search engine to speed up the archiving of your site.

Bing search engine is a search engine like Google and has millions of users. Adding a site to Bing search engine will help you reach a large number of visits, speed up the archiving of your site and publish search results in Google. And the way the Bing Webmaster Tools engine works is like Google Webmaster Tools, it is not much different from it. If you understood the previous steps in how to add your site to the Google search engine and how to add sitemaps to it, you will know what you have to do. Let me show you the steps.

You will find a full explanation here on how to add a Blogger blog in Bing Webmaster Tools.

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