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How to earn from YouTube without Adsense? (11 method installed)

 How to earn from YouTube without Adsense? (11 method installed)


Do you have a fairly new channel and are wondering how you can profit from YouTube without Adsense? We will give you the best alternatives.

Monetizing YouTube videos is a topic that every YouTube user is interested in. I frequently see questions regarding how people make money on YouTube. After all, if you enjoy making videos, why not make an income from it to keep yourself while doing what you love?

But how easy is it to monetize YouTube?

The first thing that comes to mind for people who started on YouTube is to make money by monetizing their videos. Some mistake the process as easy as uploading videos to YouTube and seeing the money.

In fact, there are many misconceptions that beginners have about the so-called easy way to make money.


I will give you the most important reasons why making money from YouTube using Adsense cannot be the only source of money in 2020. I will review the best alternatives to make money from YouTube without Adsense.

The ugly truth about Adsense

You need to meet certain criteria

You must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months to join the program. Getting to these numbers doesn't happen overnight. Reaching 1000 subscribers takes time and work, so you will not be able to use Adsense to earn money from the start of your channel.

You don't get paid for views

Many people who are considering starting a YouTube channel ask how much you pay for views on YouTube, or how much money you will make if you have 3000 views of a video. There is no answer to these questions.

You get paid from the money advertisers pay to display their ads on your videos. They are only charged if the viewer watches the ad for at least 30 seconds (or the entire ad if the ad is shorter than 30 seconds).

If no one sees pop-up ads on your video, or if they use AdBlock, you won't see any money.

This depends on your channel's niche

Since you only get paid when ads appear on your videos and viewers watch them, that means you need ads on your videos.

The number of ads that will be shown depends on your channel niche. The company that sells phones won't pay for the ads on your videos about animal food because your audience isn't a good fit for the business. Thus, if you're in a place where companies don't pay for ads, you won't have much success with it.

For small channels, there is not much money to be made

As a guideline, you can expect to make around $1 per 1000 views. That's not a lot of money for a new YouTube channel that gets two thousand views per video.

You can check out this calculator if you want to get estimates on how much money your YouTube channel can make with AdSense.

So what now? Do you really need Adsense to earn from YouTube?

How to profit from YouTube without Adsense - the ugly truth about Adsense

How to profit from YouTube without Adsense - the ugly truth about Adsense

Monetizing with Admission is an easy way to make money from YouTube, but only after your channel starts thriving. Until then, there are other ways you can make money from YouTube without Adsense, and most YouTube users use them to monetize creating videos. In fact, YouTube users are not only focused on making money from ads, most of them also have other ways to increase their earnings.

I will share with you the 11 best ways you can make money from YouTube without Adsense.

Let's delve into it.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate marketer is the easiest way to make money from YouTube without Adsense.

Earning money through affiliate links means that you advertise certain products in your videos and encourage viewers to buy the product. You will have a link to the product in the video description, which is a special URL attached to your account.

Every time someone makes a purchase through one of your links, you will receive a commission for that sale.

⭐ Perfect for: Any YouTuber who wants to promote products

What do you know about this method?

💡 It's easy and time consuming.

You just need to put the links of the products you want to promote in the description. It will only take two minutes to do.

Everyone can do that.

It doesn't matter if it is a small YouTube channel, you can still implement this money making technique in your videos from scratch.

💡 You are not limited to the products you promote.

Even if you put a link to a specific product on your videos, if the person buys something else after clicking on your link, you will still get a commission for what they bring. This means that you can be surprised to get a commission for a $1000 item, even if you promote an item for $20.

how do you do that

▶ Choose niche products.

If you don't already have a channel that works on a specific topic, you can search for areas where there is a high demand for products.

▶ Choose some products.

Ask yourself which products will be useful to your audience.

▶ Choose an affiliate program or company.

The most popular affiliate program is Amazon Associates. You can find a variety of products to promote anywhere, and it is a globally used platform where people trust to buy from.

▶ Talk about the products in your videos.

Either you start doing product reviews, which means you will have videos dedicated to promoting the products. Or you can just mention the products and why you recommend them

You may find that sometimes companies come to you with sponsorship proposals that are not at all relevant to your channel. If it's not appropriate for your audience, don't do it. It may seem like you're giving up an opportunity to make money from YouTube, but promoting irrelevant products will drive subscribers away from your channel.

Profit model from YouTube without Adsense and using videos backed by a trademark + permit

A model for profit from YouTube without Adsense and using videos sponsored by a trademark + permission

This YouTube channel receives free gear from sponsors in exchange for video reviews.

3. Selling goods and products

One of the ways to monetize YouTube without Adsense is to sell merchandise. There are two approaches you can go about with this. You can either get the products and buy them in bulk and sell them at a higher price (Amazon or Shopify strategy). Or, if you can generate results and create your own product, you can take advantage of YouTube and sell it on your channel.

⭐ Perfect for: YouTubers who make their own products (jewelry industry, clothing industry), merchants

What do you need to know about her?

💡 It takes a lot of time from you to create and invent a product or take it from another supplier.

You will have to handle orders, packaging and delivery. This process will take a significant amount of time.

If you want to jump into selling products to profit from YouTube, make sure you have enough time on hand to handle it in a professional manner. If you do not respect your orders professionally, you will not be able to fulfill them. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce.

💡 Requires space to store products.

You will need space to use as a warehouse. You can do this in your home, but depending on the dimensions of the items, your house may start to get crowded.

💡 You should be aware of the fees.

There will be shipping charges from the manufacturer to you, packing supplies, and warehouse supplies (*if you choose to store your items in a warehouse). Make sure that all you have to pay for the metrics you will get for it and you will still have a profit.

💡 If you are making your own, this is perfect.

When you're the product maker, all you have to worry about are the required materials and packing supplies (and the time you have to devote to creating the product, of course).

And if you've already made stuff, that means you love doing it. YouTube gives you a chance to do what you love and earn money for it.

how do you do that

▶ Choose the products you want to sell.

If you are looking for products, you can use some tips on how to find the best products to sell on Amazon. You can get products from China, where manufacturing fees are lower, and sell them in another market (such as the US or UK) at a higher price.

Choose products that are light, hard to break, and preferably small.

▶ Build a YouTube channel around these products.

In order to sell products, you don't have to make videos just talking about them. Conversely, you want to create videos that are relevant to your products, but don't sell them directly.

Let's say you want to sell jewelry. You can create videos about choosing the right earrings for an occasion, maintaining jewelry, or organizing necklaces. These types of videos can be optimized for ranking and will bring visitors to your channel.

Moreover, you will put yourself as a reference figure in the position that people trust.

Profit model from YouTube without Adsense - example of selling goods and products

This is an example of a YouTube channel that uses videos to generate sales of its own products.

This method is profitable, and in parallel, you can create an online store to sell these products and convert visitors to the store.

Are you still thinking about how to earn money from YouTube without Adsense? E-commerce is a great opportunity for YouTube users better than others because they have a ready audience, in addition to the fact that e-commerce is the future of global commerce.

4. Selling T-shirts

If you are not yet familiar with it, you can sell t-shirts online without having to deal with t-shirt buying, printing and delivery. It's called print on demand. There are a lot of websites that provide such services.

⭐ Perfect for: YouTubers with design skills or great design ideas

What do you need to know about her?

💡 You need cool T-shirt designs.

The internet is full of options when it comes to t-shirts. In order to compete in the market, your designs must be creative and outstanding.

💡 You don't have to deal with merchandise.

All you have to do is upload your designs to your favorite website, CafePress is an example, and everything else is outsourced. When someone makes a purchase, you don't have to do anything about it.

💡 You don't have to constantly advertise.

It's easy to promote your t-shirts. You just have to wear it in your videos. If the designs are cool, viewers will be like, "I want one of these!" And they'll find the link to get it in the description.

You can also add a call to action at the end of your videos to ask people to review your store.

💡 They are suitable for almost any niche.

Music buffs, game buffs, tech addicts, animal lovers, cooking enthusiasts. Whatever your audience, you can come up with funny texts related to niche illustrations or cool illustrations that your viewers wear with pride.

💡 You can do this without a website.

While having your own website has its benefits, like having complete control over what it looks like, adding calls to action, or collecting emails, you can still sell without it.

On most print-on-demand websites, you can customize your own page for your designs.

how do you do that

▶ Get your designs ready.

If you are good at graphic design

If you are a programmer and can create the products yourself, you have to invest a significant amount of time in it. If you have ideas but don't know how to put them into practice, you can pay someone to build the products the way you want.

💡 It's a growing market.

People are using more and more digital products every day. There is plenty of room for you to grow and an oasis of endless possibilities.

💡 It's a way to generate passive income.

Once your digital products are ready for people to buy, there isn't much work left on your part but promoting.

how do you do that

▶ Think about what will benefit your audience.

If you have already established a subscriber base, take a look at your viewers. What problems do they face that can be solved with a digital product?

What would they be interested in buying from you?

▶ Develop a strategy.

There is no growth without strategy. If you want to make an app, create a free trial, then edit it and raise comments. Are viewers interested in your product? Do they have suggestions?

Take all the feedback you can improve and improve your app into a more resourceful premium product. If you want to sell templates, icon packs and things like that, do some free demos first to get viewers to the bottom of your product page and associate them with your premium packs.

▶ Create a website.

If you don't already have a website, now is the time to create it. You don't need anything complicated. A simple, clean and easy-to-navigate website suffices with a great copy, see How to Create a WordPress Blog.

▶ Make videos.

When you decide what your products are, don't wait until they're ready to start recording your video. Create videos on the topic of your products to grow a community interested in your future releases. When the products are ready, you will already have an audience to sell to.

7. Selling courses and courses

If you master skills in a specific field, you can create a course and earn money from YouTube by selling it.

⭐ Perfect for: YouTubers with skills in a particular specialty area, people who enjoy teaching others

What do you need to know about her?

💡 People on YouTube want to learn.

One of the main reasons people spend time on YouTube is to learn new things and improve their skills. This makes YouTube a great place to promote courses and tutorials.

It is passive income.

As with digital products, you can create a course and place it on your website for people to buy.

The only thing you have to worry about is promoting it properly in your videos.

Of course, for better sales, you can use additional promotional strategies such as using a Facebook group or promoting on Pinterest, but that comes down to the amount of time you are willing to invest. You are going to invest some time now in a product that can make you money for a long time from now.

💡 You already have the knowledge.

Having learned some skills for yourself, it is easy to understand what others need help with, what information they need, and how to organize content so that learning is effective.

💡 Gives you room to grow on your own terms.

Usually, people who sell courses or parts of training make a short e-book to let potential customers peek at the type of content they offer.

From there, things could go in more ways. You can create a premium course for sale at a high price, such as $997. Or you can split the course into sections and charge a separate fee for each section, and even offer a promotional price to those who buy the full series. There are endless possibilities to adopt an effective strategy.

💡 You must license your courses.

You don't want someone who bought your course to share all of their content for free on the internet anymore, do you? Licensing your content is another extra step, but you can easily take care of it with the help of a lawyer.

how do you do that

Determine the format of the session.

You can make video courses, written resources, and PDFs with exercises. It can be all written content, or you can mix things up and do a variety of written content and video content. The more entertaining it is, the better.

▶ Create a cartoonish website.

Yes, you will need a website for this as well. Don't feel overwhelmed or overwhelmed. Starting nicely and cleanly is the way to get started.

If you don't want to deal with a website, you can upload your courses on websites like Udemy and promote the course on YouTube. Although this approach may seem easier, I don't recommend it because it gives creators a really small amount of money for their sales.

▶ Make videos on the topic.

So to make money on YouTube with this method, people need to first trust your skills. Show them what you know and how you can help them. Give them tips on the topic, and teach them in your videos. If your YouTube content is good and helps people, they will want to hear more from you and will likely be open to paying for your wisdom.

8. Offer and provide services

Are you an accomplished content marketer?

Or maybe you can help others take control of their lives through counseling sessions? This can be an excellent way to make money using YouTube videos to generate leads.

⭐ Perfect for: YouTubers who can help people in certain areas by providing consulting services

What should you know about her?

💡 Gives you a wide range of potential customers.

Users on YouTube are from all over the world, which means you can reach people no matter where you are or where they are. Compared to when you provide your services locally where