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Finally revealing the new features of Windows 11?

 Finally revealing the new features of Windows 11?

The new Windows 11 features rounded corners and a new start menu

On June 24, Microsoft is expected to lift the lid on Windows 11, but now Paul Thurrott is giving first impressions in image and text.

In the late summer of 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10 along with the promise that it would be the last Windows operating system, meaning that new versions were replaced with regular updates. Recently, however, the promise of that promise began to break, after the retirement date of Windows 10 appeared on the web, while Microsoft indicated that the next operating system will be revealed on June 24.

With just over a week left to this reveal, Paul Thurrott of Thurrott has now taken the magazine out of his mouth and shares his first impressions of the new Windows 11. Along the same lines, Twitter user "ADeltaX" shares images from the upcoming OS, as well as two backgrounds that belong to this one. Thus, there is no longer any doubt as to what Microsoft will reveal on June 24th.

Thurrott states that he got his hands on Windows 11 with build number 21996.1 and that it is largely a version of Windows 10 with a changed interface. Perhaps what stands out most is that the windows have slightly rounded corners, but also the start menu becomes an element that takes up space in the middle of the screen when opened. The legacy of Windows 8 and the "Metro" with Live Tiles are long gone, but parts like the file manager and program menu are at first glance similar to the Windows 10 versions.

However, in the file manager, new icons appear for folders such as Pictures, Music, and Documents, while the Windows tab also gets a new, square look. In Thurrott's case, the taskbar draws inspiration from Mac OS and Chrome OS, by placing icons in the middle of the menu, but images from Twitter suggest that such a layout is optional because the classic left-aligned sort is visible on it.

The news featured has obvious design features for the investment paused in the lightweight Windows 10 X operating system. However, at the time of writing, it is not clear how much of the change behind the scenes in Windows 11 will be, which will become clear when Microsoft holds the trial on June 24. It remains to be seen if the company provides any official information in advance, now that the news is caught earlier than planned.

A look at the new Windows 11:

 The new Windows 11 user interface and Start menu are very similar to what was originally found in Windows 10.

Microsoft greatly simplified Windows for dual-screen devices, before scrapping the project in favor of Windows 11.

The biggest visual changes you notice can be found along the taskbar.

Microsoft has centered app icons, cleaned up the start button and added two new menus.

This updated Start Menu is a simplified version of what's currently in Windows 10, without the Live Tiles.


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