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Metz - PSG: the notes of the match

As part of the 34th day of this Ligue 1 at the end more than ever indecisive, PSG won on the lawn of FC Metz (3-1) without forcing his talent, thanks in particular to a double from Kylian Mbappé . The capital club has taken back control of the championship, putting pressure on Lille, Lyon and Monaco.

Four days before Manchester City's reception in the semi-finals of the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain traveled to Saint-Symphorien to face Metz, an oh-so-important match in the mad race for this 2020 exercise. 2021 in Ligue 1, counting for the 34th day of the championship. With, at kick-off, one point behind the leader, the LOSC, and before a meeting between two direct competitors on Sunday (9 p.m.) between Lyon and Lille, Mauricio Pochettino's men had the opportunity to sit at least temporarily on the throne of Ligue 1 against a Metz team with little to play this season. To obtain the three points, the coach of the Ile-de-France club was betting on a 4-3-3 by aligning Kimpembe, Verratti, Mbappé or Neymar, while resting several executives (Di Maria, Gueye, Icardi, Kean). Frédéric Antonetti decided to trust a team organized in 3-5-2 composed of Boye, Maïga, the young Sarr, Boulaya or Leya Iseka at the forefront.

PSG did not take long to materialize its ambitions on the green rectangle: perfectly launched in depth by Ander Herrera, Kylian Mbappé took up the speed defense and deceived a helpless Alexandre Oukidja with the help of the right post to open the scoring (0- 1, 5th), scoring his 24th goal of the season in Ligue 1 and confirming his status as top scorer in the championship. The danger approached the goalkeeper's cage in Metz but Neymar narrowly missed a free kick (16th) then in the box (17th). Metz struggled for his part to be dangerous in a first period dominated at a small trot by Paris SG and did not release his first shot until the 29th minute, two minutes after another opportunity from a Mbappé well served by Sarabia and taken back narrowly in the surface.

Mbappé boss size

The voice of Frédéric Antonetti had to reason in the corridors of Saint-Symphorien at half-time, because, after the break, FC Metz directly reset the counters to zero thanks to a realization of the head of Centonze, found by Boulaya in the Parisian surface and forgotten by Kurzawa (1-1, 46th). Enough to wake up the Garnets. On a ball badly returned by Kurzawa, again him, Sarr forced Navas to intervene to save his family (53rd). Faced with this strong moment in Metz, Kylian Mbappé decided to take matters in hand and, on a bad pass from Centonze, sent a missile ending its race in the back of the Oukidja nets to give the advantage back to PSG (1-2, 59th).

The club of the capital, after having cooled the ardor of Metz, tried to make the break and to take shelter definitively, but neither Di Maria (75th), nor Bakker (76th), nor Florenzi (79th), nor Mbappé (81st, 85th) did not succeed, at first, while Herrera found him the bar of Oukidja (82nd). At the end of the game, FC Metz did not seem to have the necessary weapons to come home with at least one point, and Verratti obtained a penalty converted from a panenka by the incoming Icardi (1-3, 89th), in order to seal the victory of PSG in Metz. Mission accomplished for the semi-finalists of the Champions League (1st, 72 points), who put pressure on Lille, Lyon and Monaco by seizing first place in Ligue 1. Mauricio Pochettino can still be done worry, Kylian Mbappé, who now has 25 goals in Ligue 1, being released at the end of the match, after a blow to the knee. FC Metz (10th, 43 points) continues a sixth game without a win and is heading towards a painful end of the season.

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Man of the match: Mbappé (8):the number 7 of PSG has once again donned the hero costume in Metz. And he wasted no time. Sublimely launched by Herrera, Mbappé does not need to be asked to adjust Oukidja and open the scoring in this part (5th). Without forgetting his defensive tasks, by scratching a few balloons, he constantly brought danger and weighed heavily on the opposing defense. Even if back to goal, he was rather well muzzled by the Messins, just like on this mess in the opposing area (25th). Overall, the French world champion was present in all the good offensive shots of his people. Visibly angry at having received a warning (58th), Mbappé also took advantage of a Centonze error to shoot Oukidja and give his team the advantage (59th). After narrowly missing the treble (81st, 85th), thereplaced by Draxler (87th) , who did not have the opportunity to show himself.


Oukidja (3): the Algerian international goalkeeper conceded a goal in the first minutes of the match. On the opening score of Mbappé (5th), the Metz goalkeeper was beaten and exceeded by the speed of execution of the Parisian striker. Despite a superb rescue in front of Paredes where he saves a goal (55th), he is completely on the second goal of Mbappé (59th) while the strike of the French international was on him. Despite the power of the latter, he could surely have done better. He was beaten by Icardi on a penalty, who even gave himself a pretty panenka (89th). Complicated match for the person concerned.

Centonze (6): surely the most interesting Metz player tonight, like his lateral friend Delaine. The number 18 showed very good things defensively with a lot of concentration and good interventions in the box (43rd) but also and above all a lot of offensive activity with high intensity races against. He tried a lot, especially with centers (19th, 22nd, 29th) and even strikes when he was present in the area like this attempt on target but not worrying enough (28th). In the second half, his efforts were rewarded with this equalizing goal from the header into the box (46th).

Boye (4): captain messin starts the match with difficulty by commenting on an error on his line. Positioned a little too low, it allows Mbappé not to be offside on the opening of the scoring (5th). Bad reading of the game that does not forgive. He could even have broken his team by causing a penalty on a contentious action on Mbappé in the first period (37th). It's better in the second half with a total of 7 clearances, 2 interceptions, one blocked shot.

Bronn (3.5): In the first period he is rather comfortable and concentrated, especially against Mbappe in one-on-one (9th, 24th) except on the opening of the scoring. Placed to the right of the axial defense, he often had to do with the French striker of PSG and was more difficult in the second half, especially in the air. At the end of the match, he even caused a penalty obtained by Verratti and transformed by Icardi (89th).

Kouyaté (4): perhaps the most serene and solid defender today. the Malian was positioned in the axis of the defense at 3 this afternoon. He had a fairly decent match despite some errors in reading the game in particular. With 3 clearances, 2 tackles, an interception, and several duels won, he was useful and rather solid in this complicated meeting against the leader of the championship.

Delaine (5): interesting match from the left side who also had a lot of activity in his lane. In the defensive phase he often positioned himself in the axis to provide support to the hinge. Offensively, like Centonze, he was one of the dangers of the Garnets especially against with centers (29th, 30th) not always very precise all the same. In the first half, Frédéric Antonetti's team rarely appeared in the box but tried to support Leya Iseka.

Angban (3.5): half-fig half-grape performance tonight for the former Chelsea player. Despite good things offensively (100% success on deep passes) it was a little too messy (0 successful dribbles). Defensively, it was not impactful enough (2 duels won out of 8 contested) and its usual slaughter on recovery was not visible enough today. Replaced by N'Doram (67th).

Maïga (4): he was more successful than his Ivorian compatriot previously mentioned. He was very generous in the recovery and also in the pressing which was sometimes very useful to initiate blocks like this ball stolen from Mbappé which generated a goal action (19th). He offered a lot in particular with balls in precise depths (5 successful out of 8 attempted) and with well-felt dribbling (2 successful out of 3 attempted). He even delivered a key pass in the match despite his rather defensive role. Replaced by Vagner (87th).

Sarr (3.5): the nugget of the training center, which is revealed this season, struggled in the first period and failed to be sharp enough. In the second half he ramped up and tried twice against Navas, including a shot on target. In addition to the strikes, he created a few chances (a key pass) and found some solutions in the depth (3 successful deep passes out of 4 attempted). He had a little more trouble in the duels as well (5 won out of 13, one successful dribble out of 4) and he clearly did not meet his usual standards.

Boulaya (5): first complicated period for number 10, like his team. With 24 balls affected and 31% of possession for Metz in the first 45 minutes, difficult to weigh in the meeting. He was also well muzzled by the Parisian midfielder (0 successful dribbles out of 3 attempted). From the start of the second period he distinguished himself with this center for Centonze, transformed into an assist for the side scorer (46th). Superb transverse from the left side, a bright pass. Match all in generosity as on this defensive return where he saves his teammates from a third goal from Mbappé while Oukidja was beaten and the ball was going to cross the line (80th). Replaced by Yade (87th).

Leya Iseka (4): the young Belgian center-forward had a complicated first period. The only attacker at kickoff, he was too often lonely in the offensive phase. He had to win to be able to touch balls like this recovery (17th) where he showed fighting spirit with his pressing. He tried his hand in the area in the first period (40th), but his strike was countered by the defense of the Parisian defense when he was alone against 4. In the second half he did not try his luck and did not weigh on its rare occasions. Replaced by Niane (67th).


Navas (6): the former Real Madrid goalkeeper lived a relatively calm game. His first intervention comes only half an hour into the game, on a shot from Centonze perfectly pushed to his left (29th). If he can do nothing on the placed head of Centonze on the equalizer of Metz, he is vigilant to return a dangerous strike from Sarr (53rd) and reassure his teammates when necessary, as usual.

Florenzi (5.5): the Italian international was generally good on the lawn of Saint-Symphorien. He multiplied the races forward to offer options on the offensive phases, as on this off-target strike (79th), in order to create spaces for his partners. Defensively, he controlled his right side and showed no particular shortcomings on Saturday.

Kehrer (6): the German defender did not live a very agitated game against FC Metz, but he knew how to make the right gestures to protect his goalkeeper, like this intervention of the head on this center of Centonze (23rd) or even on this recovery in front of Delaine (71st). Overall, he contained Leya Iseka well, especially with his back to the game, not hesitating to follow the Garnets striker far from his line of defense.

Kimpembe (6): the tricolor world champion, captain of the day, made a rather serious copy and applied on the ground of FC Metz. Correct with the ball at the foot, he did not have a lot of work to do in the face of the poverty of the game proposed by Frédéric Antonetti's men.

Kurzawa (3): the French international did not impress against Metz. Much carried forward, he often left Kimpembe alone against two players on his left side and offered opportunities to Centonze to infiltrate the Parisian camp. He also struggled to create danger, often well contained by the Metz defense (19th), even if this center finding the head of a Parisian could have been better exploited (42nd). But above all, he is at fault on the goal of the Metz equalizer, forgetting Centonze behind his back (46th). Warned for a sole on Centonze (60th) then replaced by Bakker (64th) , who found Oukidja's gloves (78th) and was not worried defensively.

Paredes (6): the Argentine international did not shine under the Metz sun, without worrying either. He tried his luck with a header, without much danger for Oukidja (10th), but also saw his strike pushed back at nothing on the line by an opposing player (56th). Apart from that, not much to report for number 8 of the PSG, who was content to do the job by being particularly precise in his transmissions. Defensively, he also fulfilled his contract, releasing in particular in disaster in the area on a dangerous action from Metz (53rd).

Verratti (6.5): “Little Owl” was, as usual, very comfortable with the ball at the foot and always useful to keep the ball in small spaces. Note all the same some approximations, like this loss of ball in the midfield at the origin of an opportunity of Metz (20th). His sharp forward passes brought danger and his defensive presence was felt on several occasions, especially before the break. The Italian, warned for an “intelligent” and voluntary fault aimed at stopping a counterattack from Metz (38th), especially obtained the penalty converted by Icardi at the end of the match (89th). Once again a quality match for Verratti.

Herrera (6.5): the former Manchester United player once again made himself very available in the midfield, showing a lot of generosity. It is he who launches Mbappé perfectly on the opening of the Parisian score at the very start of the match with a marvel of the ball in depth (5th). His interception is decisive in his area to cut short an offensive from the premises (30th), as on this strike from Leya Iseka countered (41st). Unhappy, the Spaniard also touches the bar and misses a break for PSG (82nd). Warned for a hand fault (79th).

Mbappé: see above.

Neymar (5): overall average match for the Brazilian star, who did not hesitate to go down very low to take the game on his own. Otherwise, as usual, his catch of balls and his breakthroughs forwards hurt Messins, as on this series of dribbles stopped irregularly by a player from Metz (10th). He also recalled how comfortable he was, like this subtle heel in the Metz area to Paredes (44th). If he caused several interesting faults, he also showed a lot of imprecision in the last gesture (16th, 69th, 76th). Replaced by Icardi , scorer from a penalty of a pretty panenka (89th)

Sarabia (5): the Spaniard delivered a rather correct performance in Metz. He did not hesitate to come and support Florenzi defensively in the first period. Sometimes imprecise in the last gesture (24th), he was at the origin of some Parisian occasions, as on this ball slipped to Mbappé (29th) or even this head fleeing the frame of the Metz cage (49th). Replaced by Di Maria (64th) , who stumbled over a vigilant Oukidja (75th).