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Microsoft Edge: Share browser data with Windows functions

Microsoft has introduced a function for data exchange between Edge and Windows in a fresh Canary version of its Edge browser. COMPUTER BILD reveals what it is good for.

Browsers are the gateway to the vastness of the Internet. Depending on the program and settings , the software collects a lot of data while surfing, such as the history of pages visited, favorites / bookmarks or, for example, the URLs of the last page (s) opened for a comfortable start. If you use the same browser on multiple devices, you can even synchronize your activities. However, the data collected is not only useful for users, but also for software manufacturers - for diagnostic purposes, for personalized advertising or to display search suggestions, for example. Now Microsoft has integrated a new setting in Edge . This allows Edge data to be combined with other Windows functions.

Edge: Share browser data

You will find the new option "Share browsing data with other Windows features" from Canary version 91.0.831.0 after clicking on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, on Settings and ProfilesThe way it works is simple, the descriptive text is: "When this function is activated, Microsoft Edge connects local browsing data from this profile with the rest of Windows. If you switch this feature on, you can use it to access information from the history, favorites, Find the top websites and recent tabs more easily with features like the Windows search box. " Microsoft will not reveal whether and how other Windows features could use your browsing data in the future - if the option is set. If you have switched on the feature once for a test and do not want to continue using it, simply deactivate it again. Edge then deletes the data previously shared with Windows on the device and does not release any new browser data. Note: As reported by Deskmodder, Microsoft is testing the new feature in a so-called A / B test. That means: The company from Redmond (US state Washington) only activates the new function for selected users in the Canary channel.

Edge insider channels at a glance

Microsoft offers fresh Edge versions in various channels for download. All preview versions from the Edge Insider Channels can be installed and updated alongside the final version. There is a daily update on the Canary Channel. Problems arise here more often due to the density of publications. It is therefore advisable to use another version from another channel at the same time. In the dev channel, the developers deliver an update every week. The beta channel receives a fairly stable new version about every six weeks. Microsoft tests its versions here before they end up in the stable channel and are therefore available to "normal users".