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Google Assistant: These are the 5 newest features - driving mode, hands-free use and more

Google's smart voice assistant is available on a wide variety of devices, which is why various innovations can be discovered on a regular basis.

Google has announced a wide variety of new features for its voice assistant in recent months, some of which have already been rolled out directly to users. We take a look at what the Google Assistant for Android, Chrome OS and Smartspeaker has to offer now or in the near future. Initially, after a waiting period of over a year, the driving mode is in a test phase, but global deployment is only a matter of time.

American users can try out what will soon replace the smartphone version of Android Auto. Driving mode is a close connection between Google Maps and the Google Assistant. A simple graphical user interface should be distraction-free and easy to use, with Google preferring to use voice control. The entire interface is reminiscent of Android Auto for phone screens, but only offers Google Maps for navigation.

Google Maps driving mode

Google Assistant and Google Maps are also growing together for location functions

Basically, Google has the plan to dovetail its own map app more closely with the voice assistant. With the first users , a new function appeared with which the location sharing from Google Maps can be operated completely via the Google Assistant. On the one hand, the location of the friends can be displayed by voice command, but a request for location sharing can also be sent by voice command.

Google Assistant location Sahring screenshots
via Androidpolice

More voice control even when the smartphone is locked

I was very pleased with the expansion of the functions that can now also be controlled with the smartphone when the lock screen is active. Even if the smartphone is locked, you can now start the music player, send WhatsApp messages or configure an alarm clock by voice. So it is more "hands-free" possible and that also applies to German users of the Google Assistant. Google has also renewed the visual display for Assistant on the lock screen.

Google Assistant New Maps Lock Screen

Google Assistant: Additional configuration of the smart home devices

The new multi-user configuration for controlling smart devices is also new, but not yet available. You can then specify that certain people in a household can only control selected devices. It would be conceivable, for example, that only parents are allowed to control the smart home devices outside of the children's room. Or just the office equipment that also uses the office.

Chrome OS: Google Assistant answers questions faster

With a major update for Chrome OS , the integration of Google Assistant comes into the context menu. There, the clever tool can provide direct answers to marked passages in the text. Translations, conversions and definitions should be accessible very quickly.

Chrome Os Google Assistant quick replies