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WoW: New mount enables riding in the throat - this is how you get it.

WoW: Neues Mount ermöglicht Reiten im Schlund – So kriegt ihr es

On January 6, 2021, one of the features of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was expanded. In Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, the "Winding Corridors" are now open. There is a unique mount: the corridor crawler, with which you can even ride in the throat.

This is the new mount: The Corridor Crawler is a reward for Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. Since January 6th, 2021 you can visit the Winding Corridors, a completely new wing in the tower - but with some problems.

The corridors are different from any other wing. Each level in the corridors consists of three levels with other wings. So you don't just have to conquer six levels in each level, but 18.

The corridors themselves, like all the other wings, have eight different levels. You get the corridor crawl for completing the eighth level, for which you must have mastered all the others beforehand. That's 144 Torghast levels.

Why is the mount so interesting? The creeper itself looks like the bear-like dogs that the jailer's servants ride. You can even use the mount in the throat, making it one of the few that work there.

Normal mounts do not answer your call in the endgame area of ​​Shadowlands. Only the corridor crawler and so far one additional mount can be used there - Maw-bound soul hunter. The latter, however, is a rare drop from one of the "hunts", the events from the beast labyrinth. The corridor crawler can be farmed at any time - it just takes a while.

Riding in the throat with the corridor crawler

How to unlock the corridors: You should get access to the corridors immediately with the update from January 6th. Just accept the quest "Traces of the Lion" from Bolvar Fordragon in Oribos. This sends you to Torghast.

The entrance to the Winding Corridors is on the right hand side when you enter the tower - just past the door to the Runecutter, where you can make legendary items.

What other rewards are there? The corridor crawl is the highest reward from the winding corridors. Before that you get:

Death Seeker - A pet for completing Level 2

Helm of the Ruled - A toy for completing Level 4

Top Stalker - A title awarded to level 6 completion

There are also achievements for completing the levels. There are no soul ashes or other items in the Winding Corridors. They are intended purely for prestige and should not grant any benefit - with the exception of the mount.

If the corridor crawl is too awkward for you, you will find 5 mounts in WoW Shadowlands that are really easy to farm here on MeinMMO.

Source (s): wowhead

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