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Download and install the Android Studio application creation program

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, our followers on the blog today. We will talk about one of the most important programs on the development and creation of Android applications, which is the Android Studio program, the program through which you can earn a lot of money and consider it an independent profit project where you can profit from creating applications in exchange for Money or through AdSense ads for applications.

The most important features of the Android Studio program

The best programs used to fully develop Android phones

It can write code automatically and smoothly without errors and also allows to complete the code that you wrote and save it automatically

The possibility of testing the application inside the program, which reduces time and effort in return, as we downloaded it on the phone

Simple interface that enables novice users to deal with it easily

The Android Studio program allows you to view all the visual changes at the time of coding

Enables you to import and export data

And many, many more features that you can discover by yourself

Download and install the Android Studio application creation program


You can download the program from the official website from the download icon below

 Download the program

Install the Android Studio application creation program

Make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, as it is 1 GB in size, and it completely depends on the speed of your Internet connection, and after the download is completed, all you have to do is click on the downloaded file and open it to start the installation.

We know very well that Android Studio is not that simple, because it is a complex tool, but the truth is that it is not difficult to install, so the only place you may have more questions is in the configuration section, otherwise you will not face any great difficulty in installing, although you should Be patient, because it will take some time for the computer to complete the entire installation of Android Studio on your computer, and after the installation process is completed, you only need to press the "Finish" button to open Android Studio.

Start the initial configuration process

The Android Studio tool will discover the configuration itself, and if you do not have any previously saved settings, you will simply have to select “Do not import settings”. It will ask you for permission to send data usage and statistics to Google, in order to use it to improve the platform, provided that this permission is optional and not compulsory. .

And then the configuration is processed, and here is the first thing Android Studio asks you about, whether you want to perform a standard or custom installation, and you should know that the vast majority of users or developers choose the standard installation because it saves time a lot.

Now after the previous step, you simply have to choose the theme that you will use in the code editor, and here there are two looks for the tool, the first is the white theme, and the second the dark theme, so you have to choose the most convincing one for you, however you can always change it later from the options, in addition to customizing all the colors and fonts according to To your needs.

Download all required and necessary components

Previously installing Android Studio was just messy, because earlier you need to download the Java and Android SDK, but the process is now automatic, as if you choose the standard installation, Android Studio will choose the components for you that you need to download.

The download will exceed 500MB, so make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and have enough space, let the computer do the work for you and wait for the download and installation to finish. Once the installation is finished, just press the "Finish" button.

Simply enjoy the Android Studio tool or platform

Thus, we have finished installing Android Studio on your Windows computer, and of course, it will simply display the welcome screen, where you can simply proceed to create your first Android application.

I hope that I have succeeded in explaining the program and that you liked the topic. Please share it with friends so that the benefit prevails and do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you will be the first to benefit from our topics. You have me all the love and appreciation and another meeting and a new topic. Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings