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5 of the worst backlink mistakes that SEO workers make

Some SEO workers fall into some backlink errors, the impact of which may range from being
 completely useless to the site and wasting time and effort in building these links to causing damage to the site due to some of the ways that search engines consider fraud.

Backlinks (backlinks) are undoubtedly one of the most influential matters in ranking websites at search engines, but in many cases this tool turns from being useful to causing damage to the site due to some silly mistakes that some inexperienced SEO operators make when creating Backlinks, in the following lines, we learn about 5 of the most common backlink errors, try to avoid these errors completely so as not to cause damage to your site without intending.

Backlink errors (backlink)

1 automatic backlinks
Nothing is more harmful than backlinks that are created automatically, these links (especially when they are randomly generated and in large quantities) cause the search engines to rank poorly for the site, as search engines view backlinks as an indicator of the quality of the content, and the creation of links automatically It is a form of circumventing the page ranking system used by search engines. So, never use any automated tools that claim to create high-quality backlinks.

  2 Links on unrelated sites are one of the most damaging backlink errors
The backlink is expected to be between two related sites of some kind, and creating a backlink between two unrelated sites will be considered by search engines a kind of circumvention, or at least something not useful for the site, so do not burden yourself with getting backlinks on sites that are not There is a relationship between it and your site in the content or topic, regardless of the quality or reputation of these sites.

  3 Backlinks on low-quality websites
One of the most common mistakes of backlinks is the belief that publishing a large number of links on low-quality sites may equate to publishing a small group of links on high-quality sites. Posting links to your site on low-quality sites is, in fact, a waste of time and effort, as search engines will not consider these links a tribute Of these sites mainly because they are not trusted by search engines. Make sure before posting the backlinks from the pagerank, the domain authority, and don't bother placing the links on low-quality pages.

  4 dense backlinks in a short time
One of the most common backlink errors is publishing large amounts of backlinks in a very short time, and this of course does not appeal to search engines that think that posting backlinks should be natural without interference from the site manager. If you want to work on a strategy to build backlinks, try Make it as natural as possible and don't post too many links in a short period of time.

  5 Backlinks in comments and general site directories
Comments and general site directories are now the easiest way to get backlinks, and since getting backlinks in these ways is very easy and available to anyone, they will be considered unhelpful links at least to your site, never post backlinks as comments in blogs and other sites, also do not By randomly placing links to your site in public site directories.

We chose 5 of the most common backlink errors for you, try to avoid these mistakes for a successful backlink building strategy for your site, in the event that you have made some of these errors in the past, you can disavow the links that were created by Google Search Consul for the Google search engine.