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Sygic navigation app is now officially available for Android Auto


Navigatie-app Sygic is nu offcieel beschikbaar voor Android Auto

Android Auto now supports Sygic Navigation app. Sygic beta participants can now use the Android Auto app.

Android Auto applications

Since the announcement of Android Auto in 2014, only a few interesting applications for the operating system have been introduced. This is while most of the developers are eager to launch the Android Auto app. This also applies to Flitsmeister, which has been in line to get permission to present its Android Auto app. They and several other developers will soon be launching the Android Auto app, which is possible because Google has given access to the company's API. Android Auto is now also officially available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Sygic and Android Auto

Sygic Navigation has also started working with this API and is now the first third-party app available for Android Auto. Sygic is a very popular navigation app with over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. If you are not a fan of Google Maps and Waze now, Sygic can be the right vehicle for you.

Sygic informed Androidworld that the Android Auto app has not been officially announced yet: “Our official press release has been sent to Google for approval, so we haven't released it yet. However, everything is already known. Some journalists are participating in our open beta testing, which can be any Someone share it, and the Android Auto connection is already visible there. "

Want to navigate your car with Sygic? Then you will first have to register with the Sygic Beta Program. You can register here. You can then select Sygic on screen in your car as the navigation app.

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