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Guide for applications to change the voice during a call

 Guide for applications to change the voice during a call

Let's see what is the best voice changer app during a call.

Call Voice Changer (Android / iOS)

Call voice changer is an excellent app to change voice during calls available for Android and iOS. It allows you to make calls and change the pitch of your voice in real time, with the ability to add various sound effects.

It's free and offers 2-minute trial calls, after which you can make in-app purchases ranging from $ 2 for 1.09 minutes to $ 3 for 43.99 minutes of call.

Firstly, download and launch Call Voice Changer on your device and on the main screen of the app, tap on pool to simulate a call and learn about the different effects available.

Once done, you can choose how to adjust the pitch of your voice by clicking on one of the options available between them - Low, High, Low, and y High, while you can touch the Normal option to establish your true voice.

In Call Voice Changer, it is also possible to apply sound effects, and browse through the different categories designated by the different icons.

Once you are familiar with the trial version, you can make your first call by modifying the entry. On the main Call Voice Changer screen, then dial the number to call, or press the book icon to choose a contact from the phone book, then press the green call button to start the call and select the initial tone of your voice from low, high, lowest, highest y normal.

During a call, you can change the tone of the voice and apply the effects shown above, while to end the call you must press the red end calls button.

To buy more minutes, touch the item Buy in the top right and choose one of the available options. Tap the option instead more to do activities and earn free minutes.

Funcal (Android / iOS)

Another valid app for making calls by changing your voice is funcall, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

It allows you to transform your voice by choosing from four different tones and applying various effects during the call, as well as the ability to record the entire phone call.

To use the application on your device, download, install and run it, then touch the option voces to listen to the available audio tones, and choose between indented sun, mohair, hombre y scary. Before making a call, you can press the green button Free demo to simulate a call and discover all available sound effects (for example, cat, mu, dog, pedo, M16, lobo, AUGE, black and white, fear zones y your mother).

At this point, you are ready to make your first phone call by changing your voice! On the Funcall main screen, type the phone number to call in the field Enter the number on top, otherwise touch Book to access the contacts in your address book.

If you intend to record the call, move the joystick to ON above the article Call Recording and press the blue speaker button below to start the call.

You can download Funcall for free and have 50 seconds of free calls, after which you can buy minutes in bundles ranging from a minimum of 1.09 € for 3 minutes of call, up to a maximum of 21.99 € for 100 minutes.

The call recording function is also charged: You can purchase 4 records (1,09 €), 10 records (2,29 €) or 1,000 records (5,49 €). You can make in-app purchases by clicking on the item Buy more time.

Funny call (iOS)

Funny call is another one thing for audio editing app that you should try. It is only available for iOS devices and allows you to choose from several elements, as well as allow creating audio files to share on social networks or send via messaging services. You can download it for free, but to use it, you need to purchase minute packs. 

To start making voice calls, start the Funny Call app and press the button. The fun begins, then enter your phone number in the field below the entry Enter your cell phone number as you touch the siguiente button. In a few moments you will receive an SMS containing a code: Enter it in the field Enter your code and press the button Continue to confirm your number

You must know that Funny Call only gives a 24 second call. To add more minutes, touch the + button at the top and choose one of the available payment plans: 1 minoto (€ 1,09) 1,4 minutes (€ 2,29) 7 minutes (€ 5,49) or 32 minutes (€ 21,99 ). Alternatively, touch the button 6 seconds for free to watch an ad video and win free seconds.

Fun Phone Call (iOS)

Fun Phone Call is an application developed by the same company Call Voice Changer, thanks to which it is possible to make calls by masking the sound and reproducing many sound effects, such as a child's cry, the sound of the whistle and much more.

It is only compatible with iPhone and allows 2 minutes of free calls. At the end of the free trial period, you can continue calling by purchasing the minute packages: 2 minutes costs $ 2, 15 minutes costs $ 4.99, 35 minutes costs $ 9.99 and so forth. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a subscription of $ 19.99 per month for 100 minutes of calls per month.

To use the app, all you have to do is download it from the App Store, launch it, and give it permissions to access your microphone and address book.

Then you must write the number you want to call in the field Phone, you must specify the number to be used as the sender's number in the My phone field (you can leave the field blank to make an anonymous call) and you must use the adjustment bar below the entry Select your voice to indicate the type of camouflage you want for your voice (height Makes the sound louder, low-cut).

If you wish to record the call (with the consent of the interviewer, from