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A young Muslim demonstrates to the world in the street the existence of God and bury atheism within a minute

Allami Al-Muhammad, youtuber and Syrian preacher

Lives in Germany
It provides advocacy content that aims to spread Islam in a new way
In this video, we will see a German Muslim young man prove to the world in the streets of Germany the existence of God and bury atheism within a few minutes.
About: Allami Al-Muhammad
Allami Muhammad.
From Syria, aged 18
My aim is to convey to you the good of the impact, from humiliation and through, and the life of the best of mankind, the biography of the Companions and Successors, and the Rightly Guided Caliphs.
In order to live up to good morals, hand in hand.
And to be one family, to be strengthened and to cooperate in righteousness and piety together, then how much do we rise, and how much do we shine

Follow the video to the endا

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