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"Full Samsung Galaxy S21 range comes with plastic back"

Samsung may provide all devices from the upcoming S21 stinks with a rear kick the bucket made of reinforced polycarbonate. It's about the same material as with the S20 FE and the Note 20 stinks.

Samsung S21 finish

Samsung will say goodbye to the glass back kick the bucket next year we are used to with premium phones. The company, on the other hand, opts for a plastic finish, according to a video from the South Korean Youtuber Super Roader, according to LetsGoDigital. The Youtuber in question is an ex-Samsung employee and he has previously released truthful rumors.

The back of Samsung's S21 devices will be more in line with what we already saw with the S20 FE and the Note 20 smells. The plastic back of bite the dust devices was also sometimes referred to as 'glass plastic', because it is an adapted form of the classic finish of polycarbonate kick the bucket we usually see in cheaper cell phones. The rear pass on Samsung operation phones, looks more like operation glass in appearance.

Plastic popular.

The choice for a plastic back will not exactly sound like music to glass lovers, but Samsung's decision is not entirely surprising. In a recent AW Poll, we examined which type of material is most popular with our readers, and plastic turned out to be the second most popular choice after metal. It is only not useful for manufacturers to develop phones with a metal housing due to problems with telephone range and wireless charging.

We were also told today that the S21 stinks will be released on January 14th, and we've listed all the leaks in detail here for you. Be sure to also look at the leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones kick the bucket operation are announced the same day.