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Apple is said to have lied to users boldly: the possible consequences are enormous

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With its new iPhone 12 devices, Apple has decided not to include a power supply unit in the scope of delivery. The US manufacturer justifies this procedure with environmental protection aspects. But Apple cannot substantiate this. And that is exactly what could have enormous consequences.

When Apple presented the new iPhone 12 lineup in October, many consumers were amazed. Because, unlike before, the devices were shipped without a power supply unit. Apple's explanation was simple: First of all, almost everyone already has a charger lying around at home. In addition, the rationalization of the power supply unit should ensure a reduction in CO2 emissions and electronic scrap. But the official justification is now being questioned by consumer advocates. And these doubts could mean huge losses for Apple.

Consumer advocates are suspicious

The consumer protection agency Procon-SP, responsible for the Brazilian state of São Paulo, recently published a press release in which it questions Apple's vague explanations. Accordingly, the US manufacturer could not prove its claim regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions and the associated environmental benefit. In addition, according to Procon-SP, users assumed that a newly purchased device would come with a power supply unit. That is why Apple has an obligation to provide consumers with sufficient information about a change. However, Apple did not do that.

Another problem that the Brazilian consumer advocates are addressing is the guarantee situation. In its answer to Procon-SP, Apple did not want to prove that the use of old adapters could not impair the charging process and the security of the process. More importantly, however, the question of the use of third-party chargers and the associated warranty situation also remained unanswered. So it can be the case that Apple refuses to repair an iPhone under warranty if the user has charged his iPhone via a third-party adapter.

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As already mentioned, Apple justifies the rationalization of the iPhone power supply with environmental protection aspects. However, many consumers doubt this explanation. Instead, it is assumed that the US company simply wants to save on costs (production, delivery, packaging, etc.). On the other hand, the sale of chargers should increase profits - and that without increasing the purchase price for the new iPhone models. As Apple is well known, there is a good reason for users to buy the new power supply even if they have an existing old charger.

The newer iPhone models offer a so-called quick charge function. This should ensure that the battery of the iPhone 12 Pro shows 50 percent after just 30 minutes. However, Apple emphasizes that a power supply unit with a charging capacity of at least 20 watts is essential. And this was not included in the scope of delivery of earlier models either. It can only be purchased separately for a little over 24 euros (RRP). In addition to the actual purchase price of the iPhone, which is currently up to around 1,559 euros (RRP).


Back to the basics: The consumer protection agency Procon-SP doesn't want to limit itself to accusations, but also wants to take action against Apple's new environmental protection / sales tactics. The organization's supervisory board is currently reviewing the matter. If violations of the law are found, Apple would face a fine. In addition, the manufacturer would be obliged to reintegrate its power supply units into the scope of delivery. This regulation would not apply worldwide, but consumer protection organizations in other countries can quickly follow suit if such a decision is made. And that includes the German consumer advocates.