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Jurgen Klopp opens fire on Brazil coach because of Fabinho!

German coach Juergen Klopp criticized Liverpool coach Tite, Brazil coach, after Fabinho's recent injury, noting that the Seleção coach was not worried about the player's injury.

Fabinho, the Liverpool midfielder star, suffered an injury that may seem strong after feeling pain in his hamstrings, during the Liverpool meeting against Maitland, within the group stage activities in the Champions League, which puts the Reds in a real dilemma, especially since he is now relying on him in the center of defense after Virgil van Dyck injury to the cruciate ligament.

Today, the severity of Fabinho's injury will be determined, and German coach Juergen Klopp hopes that the injury will be minor.

Klopp attacks coach Tite after Fabinho's strong injury

A Brazilian journalist asked about Fabinho's injury and the difficulty of being called up to participate with the Brazil national team in the next two matches in the South American World Cup qualifiers early next month, and exploded, saying, "I do not think Tete is concerned about Fabinho's injury because he had not given him the opportunity before."

"For us, it is clear that it is a severe blow, but until this moment we do not know the size of the player's injury, of course it does not look positive, but we do not want to be negative either. We have to wait until we know the result of the medical tests."



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